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  1. Marshall is a lock. Its a great day to be a Hoosier! The Coach McCullough dividends continue. Next up, Strickland.
  2. C A S E

    College Football Thread

    Debord isn't the problem, the QB/OL play is the problem.
  3. I'd still like to see Lagow come in for a series or two. The change of pace could benefit Debord's style, yet our turnover percentages could increase greatly too. I'll give Debord credit, although he's calling a conservative game, he's not putting our defense in tough situations.
  4. C A S E

    Perea interview

    Seems controversial to write a favoring piece on Hanner without asking him to clarify the drug test timeline in the article. I haven't read the article and can't tell if it's written in context of questioning Crean on Hanner's dismissal (lack of post incident drug test) or if it's a plea from Hanner to try and return eventually.
  5. C A S E

    Perea interview

    Did it specify in the article if the drug test was prior to the incident or after?