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  1. iubballdude95

    College Bball Thread

    I did not go to Kokomo High School, but I am from Kokomo. Some good teams and players from this area. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners mobile app
  2. iubballdude95

    IUWBB vs Wisconsin $1 tickets

    I read that Agler tweaked her ankle and Brooks was sick is the reason both didn't start.
  3. iubballdude95

    #IUWBB @ Purdue

    We were at the game..it was tough to watch. Shots weren't falling that normally do and Purdue played well.
  4. iubballdude95

    #IUWBB vs MSU

    Great win...I believe this is going to be really good team next year. The team is going to be inconsistent due to youth (in women ball that is a true statement..nobody leaves early for the NBA) but can play with anyone when ready to play. We're going to try and go to the Purdue game on Sunday...beat the Boilers.
  5. iubballdude95

    #IUWBB @ Oakland

    I wish the games were on TV....we are planning to take the kids to the IU vs Purdue game at Purdue on 1/4/15....hopefully we can go in and steal a win
  6. iubballdude95

    #IUWBB vs Indiana State

    Agree finally played a real team....ISU started ALL seniors and we play 90% freshmen and sophomores. Sounds like we played poorly, but it is things that can be cleaned up. I like the future of these girls. The other great thing about women's basketball is that you don't have players leaving early for the NBA...allows for teams to have balanced rosters from a class standpoint. The way it was in the glory days of men's basketball!
  7. iubballdude95

    #IUWBB vs ETSU

    I think if the post play continues to improve this team can be really good. The backcourt is loaded and GOOD!! I just wish the games were televised..instead we watch stupid crap on the BTN. The games don't even have to be live a replay would work as well. Frustrating!!
  8. iubballdude95

    #IUWBB vs Incarnate Word

    I agree on how little of coverage there is on IUWBB program...winning consistently would fix some of that. Unfortunately women's sports are followed very well. I follow the program through Twitter and receive quite a bit more information there. I just love basketball...men's or women's!!
  9. iubballdude95

    #IUWBB vs Valpo

    Can't wait to see this team in person!
  10. iubballdude95

    IUwbb vs Gardner-Webb Game Thread

    I wish they would show the women's games on BTN...what a load of crap to pay another fee to watch online....I'm excited for these ladies....going to be a good group
  11. iubballdude95

    IUWBB 2015 Recruiting Class

    Sounds like Coach is adding some missing pieces to the puzzle. It would be great if we could get the women rolling and turn it into a decent program.
  12. iubballdude95

    Hoosier Hysteria Role Call

    my group observed the same thing...he wasn't wearing his normal IU gear and was very distant with the crowd and Sage...almost rude to her about the candy stripe pants...I've been to about 10 of these and this was the most subdued I've seen it..and where was the band
  13. iubballdude95

    (2015) C Danielle Williams to IUWBB

    Looking forward to this year...hopefully another piece to keep the momentum going
  14. iubballdude95

    Hoosier Hysteria details out

    I will be there...I can't believe a time schedule hasn't been released yet.