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  1. I would lean towards whichever coaches team wins between Henryville and Silver Creek this season as opposed to the current IU coach.
  2. Mike Woodson counted to infinity,twice
  3. Mike Woodson named his parents
  4. Mike Woodson built the hospital Mike Woodson was born in
  5. When Chuck Norris looks in the mirror he sees Mike Woodson
  6. And today's winner of the internet is Chris007
  7. Yikes,I was missing something,thanks HoosierDad
  8. Am I missing something about Otzelberger?.Haven't seen his name dropped into the conversation much but apparently the dude is a top notch coach.
  9. I know I'm probably in the minority here but why not take the NIT bid?.IU is pretty much an NIT type team the last 20 years with the exception of a season or two here and there where the basketball God's felt sorry for us and threw us a bone only to bury it in the neighbors yard where we couldn't find very easily soon thereafter.Assuming that guys like Ware,MM,Reneau and any injured players would not be available should not be an excuse not to play in it,there are several players that never got the opportunity to play this year because we did not have any of the traditional "clear the end of the bench" blowouts of the opponents that good teams have and we used to have and those players worked hard in practice all year and never got to play in front of their family and friends and the NIT would give those guys an opportunity.By turning down an NIT bid it almost makes it sound like it's beneath IU to accept it when in reality it's probably what should be expected with what the program has become.
  10. Man it sucks but I find myself envious of UofL fans right now.
  11. I'm old and my memory is starting to fade and I'm too lazy to look it up,but is Woodson the only IU coach to win big ten tournament games 3 years in a row?
  12. This game won't go into the Smithsonian but an ugly win counts the same as a dominating win.Now back to watch this storm that looks like it's p!ssed off that Penn State lost.
  13. Mike Rodick

    Liam decomitting

    Watch Liam end up at UK with Fland just so we can all throw up just a little bit more....IU basketball is like the jelly of the month club,just keeps on giving all year 'round.