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  1. Ephul

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Fife and Lewis bring much of the same thing in terms of recruiting. No real benefit to bringing both. And Fife has it nice where he is.
  2. Ephul

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Because Dane has it made at Michigan State. He's from Michigan. He's working under an older, successful coach. I could absolutely see Lewis coming back to IU. I think he'd come back in a heart beat. His friends and family are here. His alma mater is here. He'd be an assistant under an older coach. I would be stunned if Dane came here. Floored. I definitely don't see them both coming. But I truly think Lewis is coming home. I firmly believe he will.
  3. Ephul

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Not going to happen.
  4. That is any contract in any league. You can't "quit" or "retire", and just come back into the league the next year and go where you want. When you sign any contract in professional sports, you can't leave and come back with any team you want. The team you signed a contract with has to release you, trade the rights to you, etc.
  5. I love how these media guys continue to be wrong and carry on with the same, cocky attitude. This is the guy that said Archie was a home run hire, right? The same guy that lambasted people who questioned the Archie hire? To be that wrong, and carry on like you've never been wrong takes a special person.
  6. Ephul

    Assistant Coach Thread

    You have a staff of Kenny Payne, Michael Lewis, and virtually anyone else, and you've got yourself a winner