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  1. Means she has left the team and is much more happy then being on the team ...
  2. Sammy12

    Aleksa Gulbe - Latvia to IU

    come on now.. commenting on the thread ( article ) latvia ....
  3. Sammy12

    Aleksa Gulbe - Latvia to IU

    anyone know why gube is not playing ? not even on the roster.
  4. Sammy12

    WBB vs Florida 11/21 @ 2 pm

    Marchese , out . In a boot .
  5. Sammy12

    (2016) F Bre Wickware to IUWBB

    Wickware : 2 .. UTA .. Texas.
  6. Sammy12

    IUWBB 2018 Recruiting Class

    Not trying to diminish her performance but , the competition is really weak... Kid does have skills ....
  7. Sammy12

    IUWBB 2018 Recruiting Class

    Poland was not a good team. Gulbe did good against the weaker teams but didnt produce as much against the better teams. Latvia played in the looses bracket. Kid has a all around good game except in the deep post. Personally I like her game but its the B1G now ..... Go IU
  8. Sammy12

    IUWBB 2018 Recruiting Class

    Lat girl had .. 1pt going into the 4th.. ended with 4pts couple of bounds.. Outmatched a bit in the post.. ( against Germany )
  9. Sammy12

    IUWBB 2018-19 Schedule

    When they start feeding Marchese the ball and she score's... she'll start .. Kid had a chip on her shoulders .. playing tough @$$ D.. as a Freshmen ....
  10. Women use a smaller ball because there hands are smaller... has zero to do with strength ... come on now...
  11. Sammy12

    #IUWBB - 2018 WNIT CHAMPS!

  12. Sammy12

    IUWBB vs Northwestern - 2/4 @ Noon

    Still tons more hoop left........
  13. Sammy12

    IU vs #14 Maryland 1/16 @ 7 pm

    Don't be pissed Hoosier .. they will be good.. Moren will not be fired.
  14. Sammy12

    IU vs #14 Maryland 1/16 @ 7 pm

    They will be really good next year when the Freshmen mature and get a bench. Moren is not going anywhere. trust me.. Those 3 Freshmen played well , yes I know turnovers but , as they mature those will diminish.