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  1. Hoosiers 87 Visitors 49 I think I have the lowest TT score so far ... can’t wait
  2. Plus Duncomb. I forgot about him. Too early for me to be posting.
  3. That supports the narrative that Purdue showed him how he’d play the 3 for them. At IU looks like he’d be a 5. Or at least no room over Hunter or Race so minutes/fit issues might make sense. I’ll now Go back to lurking and dream of a surprise Eastern European signing!
  4. Skrappy

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    Exactly what AJ Moye said the summer before he arrived. ‘Coach wants rebounds, I’ll get rebounds...‘
  5. Sooo quiet out there on this guy.
  6. Yes I think so: on IHSAAtv.org