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  1. NapsFinest

    (2015) QB Donovan Hale to IU

    Glad to have him onboard!  I wonder what kind of QB he is and if he might end up at another position?  Looking forward to seeing this kid play too!
  2. NapsFinest

    (2015) QB Austin King to IU

      I would expect Sudfeld to start and King to fight Diamont and Covington for the #2 spot.  I think its a good problem to have!  I wonder if they would consider moving Covington to a different position to get the ball in his hands more?
  3. NapsFinest

    (2015) S Tyler Green to IU

      I was going to say this as well!  Plus I think Dutra and Fields are really solid players too.  Also I'm excited to see what Will Dawkins can do too. 
  4. NapsFinest

    (2015) QB Austin King to IU

    Looks like a solid pickup for Coach Wilson and staff.  I'm pretty excited to have the young man joining the team.  I wonder what happened, it seemed like a quick turnaround.  No matter what, seems like good news!  The coaches are on a roll!
  5. NapsFinest

    (2014) PF Tim Priller to IU

      Thank you!  The kid had a plan, he wasn't highly recruited and waited to sign late.  He wants to play for IU and he wants to be a good player, and he can be!  Let him get in the weight room and add 10-15 pounds, let him work on his defense, and let him stay an aggresive, reliable shooter!  Those are all the right ingredients to make the solid role-player recipe.   Honestly, would Crean have preferred Luke Fischer, Goodluck, or any of the other kids they missed on?  Of course, but lets give Tim a chance!  I'm glad he accepted and I'm looking forward to seeing him contribute in an area we really need help in.
  6. NapsFinest

    (2014) C Jakeem Yates

      I read it and agree.  I hope Coach can develop a good relationship with this kid so he and his family feel comfortable commiting to IU.
  7. NapsFinest

    Indiana Rivals predicts us to finish 9th next season

    100% agree and I'm hopeful that Hanner will grow into a bigger role.
  8. NapsFinest

    IU Fans sabotaging the coach

      That sucks!  I'm not naive enough to think it never happens but I hate to hear that.  TBH though, if thats the case I'm happy he took the money and went to UNLV, I don't want players who pick and choose what rules to follow at IU.
  9. NapsFinest

    IU Fans sabotaging the coach

      If this is true then I think this reiterates the point I was trying to make and ultimately the point of the article (although the article seemed a bit over the top to me).
  10. NapsFinest

    IU Fans sabotaging the coach

      There are lots of factors that contribute to recruitng... winning is a big part of that, but so are facilities, playing time, team chemistry, culture, coaching relationships, and fan participation/attitude.  Okonoboh went to UNLV, not Duke, Florida, Ohio St or Indiana.  
  11. NapsFinest

    IU Fans sabotaging the coach

    My favorite IU memory (at the 12:00 mark on):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5F_YIblAvw    Also, if you read the comments someone posted "Get rid of Crean and we'll be back there sooner."  Makes me laugh, even 3 years ago when this was posted...
  12. NapsFinest

    IU Fans sabotaging the coach

    I think constructive criticism and thoughtful discussion is a posative thing but when it's nothing more than personal attacks then I think it's counter productive and harmful to the program.  No matter how you feel about Coach Crean, I think you have to admit he's a pretty darn good recruiter.  He might not be the best in-game coach but I don't think he's awful either.  I think the amount of vitriol you see here and on other sites is discouraging.  It can only hurt the program to have people constantly reiterate how terrible Coach is.  In my opinion, if you're a real Hoosier fan you should get on board with the current team and coaches and discuss how we can move forward rather than spending so much energy on bringing everyone down.  It's not very realistic to think that there will be a coaching change in the near future so I don't really see the point in all the fire Tom Crean talk.  
  13. NapsFinest

    OT: I Believe Pitino, Not Tom Lyles

      That's part of what incongnito is doing but I thought it'd be easier to explain it that way.  
  14. NapsFinest

    OT: I Believe Pitino, Not Tom Lyles

      If you've used all of your free articles you can open up an 'incognito' browser and sites that track how many articles you get for free won't be able to track that anymore. 
  15. NapsFinest

    Im so tired of all this negative talk

    Fair enough!  Thanks for the reply!