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  1. Capt. Graitcost


    Listened as well and thought the same thing. MD definitely began to change his tune. Shocking how out of tune he was.
  2. Capt. Graitcost


    Just took down this year's poster schedule from my office wall due to overwhelming disappointment and embarrassment. What has this program come to? When will it stop?
  3. Capt. Graitcost


    First post. Time to jump in the water. IU is completely gutless for not hosting Tuesday's game. If you are sticking with Crean then play the game at AH and take your lumps. If not, let him go and play the game there and see how much support you have. Looks weak to run and hide. Great look for IU administration. If job does open i am sure coaches will be lining up for this clown show. Embarrassing for all associated with IU.