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  1. BornAHoosierFan

    IUBB vs Penn St 1/29 8:30 pm BTN

    TV said Hunter became ill before the game Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  2. Also no Martha The Mop Lady! Same on Tuesday game. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners mobile app
  3. BornAHoosierFan

    IUBB @ Northwestern - Game Thread - 01.22.19 - 9:00 ET

    IU 61 Nw 67 Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  4. BornAHoosierFan

    A humble suggestion to our mods

    Where is Jaybob?  I don't read every post, but I have not seen a post from him in a while.  
  5. BornAHoosierFan

    OT: NCAA @ it's FINEST!

    Sorry about your luck.  I heard since KY won, they are going for 3-4x face value!
  6. BornAHoosierFan

    Banker's Life parking

    I work one block north of Bankers Life.  There is an open lot on Alabama and Washington that is normally $5, but I think it goes up to $10 for NCAA events.  Alabama is one way south, so you have to access from Washington Street (which is one way west) and turn south on Alabama.  The lot is on the left, across from the jail.  Less than 2 blocks to fieldhouse entrance on Deleware.  Easy to get out, even at rush hours.  
  7. BornAHoosierFan

    STATS!!! A Look at When the Hoosiers Win & Lose

    Love the stats and the analysis.  One question though, why does that little cutie not have on IU attire?  
  8. BornAHoosierFan

    Official Indiana @ Purdouche Game Thread

    Just got the best Valentines present EVER!  Tickets to tomorrow's game!  Go Hoosiers!  
  9. BornAHoosierFan

    OT: How did you find us?

    Was on HSN, then to 24/7.  Found Banners through facebook posts and found the names of my favorite posters.  Mostly do viewing only, so only joined recently.  
  10. I appreciate just having the traditions, some of which existed when I was a child: Martha the Mop Lady, Don Fischer, Candy Stripe pants, Greatest timeout in college basketball, the same old songs the band plays every game and I keep waiting to hear.  Have you ever been to an Illinois game?  No more chief...No traditions..just the Orange Krush.  Boring!  
  11. BornAHoosierFan

    Ranked IU?

    What about soccer?  That is a sport we can achieve ranking!