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  1. You know what’s getting old.

    Indiana not being good at basketball.

    Not sure what you want to hear.

    We have a chance to secure a NCAA title berth today at home against a OVERperforming Wisconsin team that is disciplined and well coached. We lose at home again.

    We have a chance to beat Purdue at Home in Bobby Knights return to assembly hall when the place is jumping and can’t.

    We finish 11th of 14 in the B1G in Archies third year.

    We may or may not make the tournament, but if we do, it’s entirely on the strength of the B1G and it’s strength of schedule.

    Yet, rainbows and sunshine.

    No one should be pissed or disappointed.

    Heck, look at our coach, he’s unraveling. Watch him in post games, on the sideline, at his radio show.

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    I don’t disagree and I’m just as frustrated, but think a lot of people have a double- standard for Archie. If he shows no passion, he doesn’t care and has given up. Shows a little passion and fire, and he’s “unraveling”?

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  2. There's death, taxes and ... our scoring droughts. 
    In every half of every game, you can just tell yourself "We're gonna have a 6-7-8 minute stretch where we won't score. Or maybe we'll get a couple free throws." ... And you almost can sense when it's coming. 
    I just cannot understand for the life of me, why the staff hasn't figured out a way to create some better scoring opportunities during these stretches. It boggles the mind. 

    Exactly. How many of those 12 losses had at least 7 minute stretches without a FG? Gotta be close to all of them.

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