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  1. JustToArgue

    (2015) C Thomas Bryant to IU

      I've been waiting for someone to really nail down the difference between IU fans and 'Cuse fans.  It appears you've done it.   Congrats!
  2. JustToArgue

    The pants have arrived!!!

    Yeah.  I had to have mine shortened a bit.  That said, they fit my waist well.  Apparently Division I basketball players are taller and thinner than me.  Who knew?   :wink:
  3. JustToArgue

    OT: UK recruiting strategy - Join us or we are through with you.

      You can continue to believe that Cal is somehow this great leader of men that gets all of these great players to somehow move in the same direction and is a better basketball coach than ours.   I will continue to believe that he is in no way a great leader of men and while he has gotten it right sometimes, he has also led groups of very talented basketball players straight into dismal seasons.
  4. JustToArgue

    Matt Carlino to Marquette

      So THAT'S how he does it?  He has an algorithm?  I just figured that the dude sat in front of a computer 20 hours a day doing google searches on recruit name after recruit name.  I guess as it turns out he's a programming genius.  Looks like I didn't give him enough credit. :)
  5. JustToArgue

    Yogi and Stan Arrested....

      That's pretty impressive if he's able to pass.  You'd have to have a whole lot of background in music theory to pass that class at IU without attending on a regular basis.  Some other schools...  yeah, not so much.
  6. JustToArgue

    Kj's replacement

      Wow.  Did you feel as though you'd lost some of your intelligence after reading that nonsense?
  7. JustToArgue

    (2014) C Jeremiah April to IU

      You really think they're that similar?  Jurkin's highlights were a whole bunch of blocks and a few nice dunks.  They tended to show his good athleticism, at least for a 7 footer.  There wasn't a whole lot of posting up, and I don't recall seeing any shots from 10 to 12 feet.   There are some similarities (at least in their build) but it looks to me like April has a more polished offensive game at this point, while Jurkin was more of a defensive presence at that point in his career.
  8. JustToArgue

    Hollowell & Etherington transferring..

    Correct and correct.  Paige was the guy that was supposedly Jalen Kendrick's Uncle, and BigTen11 was the poster who proclaimed Calhoun's health was the word.  Not sure about Calhoun's health, though I believe BigTen11 was the more credible of the two. :D
  9. JustToArgue

    Justin Martin to SMU

    Hmm...  I remember when we were recruiting this guy out of Lawrence North.  There were a number of negative comments about Keefer at that time.   I have no idea what was really going down...  just what I remember reading.  Maybe we have a shot now that he's transferring?
  10. Wow, dude. That's a lot of logic for a post that's hell bent on being dismal about Crean's recruiting chances.  Maybe you should reconsider.  TIC
  11. JustToArgue

    BtownBanners Fandom Survey:

    State you Grew up:  Indiana State you Live now:  Indiana NCAAB:  Hoosiers NCAAF:  Notre Dame NBA:  Celtics NFL:  Colts GOLF:  Tiger Woods
  12. JustToArgue

    Is Coach Crean feeling the heat?

      I completely agree with all of this, except I'm not sure that hiring Sampson over Beilein would have created much of a controversy at that time.  Sampson was the poster child for consecutive 20-win seasons back when 20 games was the benchmark (and teams didn't play a kajillion games like they do now) and he'd been to a final four.  Beilein had done some nice things at West Virginia, but I don't think he was as highly regarded as Sampson.
  13. JustToArgue

    Hollowell & Etherington transferring..

    Could be that I decided to postpone my nightly cigar and scotch ritual. Could be that Momma had dinner ready on time and I got my homework done. Or it could be that I'm on the team, considering it'd be very, very poor judgement on Crean's part to have that kind of meeting with outliers in the room. Yeah... My point was more that (seemingly) so, so many were critical of that guy who claps too much for always being nice. Now that he's allegedly been a real jerk... I guess all of the Knight apologist type guys are gone and everyone's genuinely seeking a coach who's truly, always (regardless of the circumstances) optimistic and positive.
  14. JustToArgue

    Hollowell & Etherington transferring..

    Well said.  I can't imagine any ball coach or any leader of players (football, hockey, lacrosse, you name it), in any fashion, who hasn't wanted to really, truly express their opinion on some outgoing players in a season that ended like this.  I wasn't in the room, and he may very well have said something that was completely out of line.  I'm not in any way defending that.  I'm just saying...  this may be a good time to revisit all of the complaints of people who think that coach is too easy on his players.