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  1. triple

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    Agree here. If you write off four year players based on their freshman and sophomore contributions you miss the point of having four year players. Looking forward to the payoff with Justin.
  2. triple

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    I'm not a big fan of bashing Hoosiers.
  3. triple

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    I hope IU does not let him slip away. He may or may not translate at the next level, but in a program where scholarship spots are expected to go unfilled at times, there is no reason to take a pass on somebody with so much talent right in the backyard. This feels like Nic Moore round two to me.
  4. triple

    (2020) PG Ethan Morton to Purdue

    As a casual reader of this and several other IU sites it is fair to say that updates about Morton have been few and far between for several months. And they never reached the frequency of TJD, Watford or Brooks. Nor Quinones for that matter So while I agree that there is often revisionist history on message boards, it's not crazy to wonder why the chatter about Morton was so low relative to other guys IU has been recruiting.
  5. triple

    Fire Fred Glass

    No. And there is at least a 50% chance that Dakich made his story up on the fly.
  6. I'm a big fan of freedom of speech , so your implied argument that it should be punished sways me towards Nike. That said, I don't like the never ending flow of pajama like crazy schemes they, and also Adidas, are rolling out for various teams. So I'd go with Under Armour.
  7. I'll take the win. Hats off to Juwan. Love seeing Rob hit that shot and the team spilling out with emotion. And I trust Archie to continue to the path towards great basketball. But I would really, really love to see our guys play with the heart that Butler does for an entire game....and every game. It's weird to me that we clearly can, but rarely do until crunch time. More than anything I hope CM is drilling it into these guys that 50/50 balls and calls go to the guys who want them the most. We're so close to being a conference contender, and yet so far if we don't start taking care of business in the first 10 minutes of every half.
  8. triple

    College Bball Thread

    Let's not forget that the violations were just part of the problem. It didn't take long after his departure to learn that several of his players were failing their classes and there were many reports of drug usage. He could coach to be sure, but the culture he enabled was not a good fit for the IU program.
  9. And what also annoys me is that so many write it off as a generation thing...but whenever I see our rivals' games on TV their student sections are at full strength at tip-off. Hopefully somebody, whether students or Glass, can come up with ideas to break the cycle.
  10. triple

    Summer of 2018

    Every picture I see indicates that Jake is taller than the 6-8 or 6-9 listed on the recruiting sites.
  11. No offense intended but I think the logic is a bit off. That same FW team went 18-15 (7-7) and lost in the first round of the CIT. The fact that some of their stars were IN kids who played two games with attitude two years in a row is important. But we need to compete on a much larger stage. Yes, let's take the top IN kids when we can, but we need to also recruit the top 'anywhere' kids when we can.
  12. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/recruiting-roundup-trey-porter-jahmius-ramsey-and-more/
  13. triple

    (2018) SF - Jerome Hunter to IU

    Voted. And watched a clip Sincere Carry who has the most votes thus far...reminds me a little bit of Nic Moore.
  14. triple

    IU vs O$U Game thread 1/30 7 pm

    Good summary. It's very disappointing that our seniors are failing to provide leadership...each had a chance this year to break out of the role-player mold. I strongly believe that next year we'll turn a sharp corner in terms of attitude and we'll see several more wins as a result. But short of Romeo coming I think we're two years away from Archie having his guys, with enough experience, to compete at the level of our expectations.
  15. triple

    Shooting vs Strength Training

    True when you are talking about a well designed and paced lifting program. Not true if it pushes the body too far too fast.
  16. triple

    Shooting vs Strength Training

    I respectfully disagree to an extent. It's not light or heavy that matters most. It's a gradual path to each unique individual's desired end state. I always suspected that under Crean's various strength and conditioning coaches we saw unnecessary injuries due to overly intensive off-season body-building sessions.
  17. triple

    Tax Cuts

    Kelley grad here and a few years behind you in age, but close enough. FWIW I've started de-risking my portfolio, although I'm not in a rush. My plan is to do it in several steps over the first half of the year, as I believe we'll start seeing market corrections in Q3-4. It's hard to imagine inflation not ticking up. That said, everything I'm reading indicates moderate increases for the next couple of years with concerns for the 3-5+ year timeline, as the short term jolt from the cuts wears off and the debt implications become more prominent.
  18. triple

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    In case it's not said enough, thank you for for this thread. I check it every day.
  19. triple

    IUBB at Wisconsin - 1/2/18 @ 7:00 E.T.

    Dakich couldn't call a game without bias and/or drama to save his life. He's right about a lot of stuff factually, but he sounds more like an average fan than a professional, in my opinion.
  20. If it's true that Romeo is looking for a package deal I hope he's paying attention to the year that Robert is having.
  21. I'm with you. Our guys are no longer complaining to refs about every call against them. No longer celebrating way too early and far too often. We are learning (stress here) to play team defense and I'm confident we'll be consistent by year end and then future seasons. We are learning to make good passes and take good shots. We lack depth in the post and yet our post play is improving quickly. We lack natural leaders on the team and yet accountability is taking hold. I wouldn't give Miller a poor grade. I wouldn't give him any grade yet. This team started from scratch in many respects and he's been putting basic building blocks in place.
  22. triple

    IUBB vs Fort Wayne - 12/18 @ 8:00 E.T.

    Plain and simple if your focus is on handing out blame! Your watching Archie as he's forced to cook without a key ingredient and then you're blaming him and/or the other ingredients because the resulting dish doesn't taste right. We need natural leadership on the court. An extension of the coach. We don't have it. Plain and simple.
  23. triple

    IUBB vs Fort Wayne - 12/18 @ 8:00 E.T.

    Why point fingers? We have a full roster of role players, many of whom could perform very well on a squad with one or more strong leaders. The lack of leadership is on Crean. It hurt us last year and continues to do so.
  24. triple

    Game Thread: Howard, Sunday 8pm BTN

    Sorry if it has been covered here but man it really irks me to see late arriving fans and empty seats. I know the folks on this board are die hard fans...no fingers pointed here. But I wonder what it will take to get our B-town base to better support the program. I've heard the excuses but when I flip on our rivals' games and see packed houses from the tip to buzzer, those excuses fall flat. If I lived there, I'd be there. Come' on Hoosier fans, represent!!!! Yes I know this is like beating a dead horse. Only it isn't. Our campus culture was once rabid about hoops and there is no reason it couldn't be so again.
  25. triple

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    And in four years when Crean beats UK, Cal will have to cancel yet another long standing rivalry.