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    Mslake94 reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff   
    Yasir Rosemond @Coach_Ya
    Hoosier Nation the Rosemond Twins are Ready!

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    Mslake94 reacted to cljones1979 in (2018) PG Darius Garland to Vandy   
    We have a very good PG coming next year that came from purdue's back yard. And you know what......he really wants to play FOR indiana and that means a lot to me.

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    Mslake94 reacted to Dalton26 in Player and Recruit Retention News/Discussion & Potential Transfers   
    I think if Rojo stays in the draft it would be a huge mistake, but you never know what these kids are going to do.