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  1. 513HoosierJS

    Tap Sports BTB Club

    Very addicting game. Looking for any Hoosier fan that wants to join a fairly active club. BTB Bombers is the club name. No password required.
  2. 513HoosierJS

    Archie Miller Press Tour 2017

    Love how he tells the NBC Sports Radio guy he listens to ESPN Radio. Guess the guy deserves it since he said he's an OSU fan who hates IU [emoji23]
  3. 513HoosierJS

    (2017) PG McKinley Wright to Colorado

    Not sure if you all heard but Miller said of Wright on the Dakich show "He's committed to Dayton and I hope he stays with Dayton." It could all be BS but I found it interesting.
  4. 513HoosierJS

    Welcome Coach Miller

    Surprised Alford is not on the bottom of the list.
  5. 513HoosierJS

    Welcome Coach Miller

    Definitely. I guess my point is I feel there are two groups: 1) Alford 2) Donovan. Whenever something gets leaked from either group, the other group yells louder the next day. The hard part is figuring out who is in each group (IU fans or IU admin/well sourced people).
  6. 513HoosierJS

    Welcome Coach Miller

    Agree. Instead of using a coach that everyone wants a smoke screen, use more of a controversial / less wanted pick.
  7. 513HoosierJS

    Welcome Coach Miller

    Anyone else find it funny that every time there is an "Alford to IU is a done deal" rumor there is immediately a "Billy Donovan to IU is a done deal" rumor? Either, Alford is the guy and IU doesn't want the word to officially get out yet so they leak fake Billy D rumors or Alford's camp is spreading rumors and then some top people leak anti-Alford to calm the people down. Basically, I have no idea who we are going to hire but I want it to end now.
  8. 513HoosierJS

    Welcome Coach Miller

    I don't understand how people can want Sean Miller over Chris Mack. What has Miller done that is so impressive? Mack consistently winning with less resources and less talent. I would take that in a second.
  9. 513HoosierJS

    Welcome Coach Miller

    The ups and downs of this board are crazy. First everyone is certain we are getting Billy D and now the consensus is we have been turned down by all top candidates and have to "settle" on Mack. This is such a wild ride.
  10. 513HoosierJS

    Welcome Coach Miller

    I would be happy with Mack. Great at recruiting Indiana, constantly makes the tournament and this is his 4th Sweet 16. Now give him the resources that IU has and I think he gives us a chance at another banner.
  11. 513HoosierJS

    Welcome Coach Miller

    IU's next coach is... Chris Mack. Now this is just a theory, but hear me out... Pat Kelsey just had "a change of heart" and will no longer take the UMass job. I am guessing that Chris Mack (or someone close to Chris) told Kelsey he is going to be leaving Xavier and taking the IU job. Kelsey was an assistant coach at XU and is a Cincinnati native. Again, totally just a theory. Now back to the regular programming of Alford, Donovan, Marshall, or Bennett.
  12. 513HoosierJS

    Welcome Coach Miller

    I'm not discounting a coach that was already knocked out of the NCAA tournament (Miller, Marshall, Collins, etc). I know it was a different AD, but Crean was knocked out of the tournament on March 22nd and wasn't hired at IU until April 1st.
  13. 513HoosierJS

    Welcome Coach Miller

    I have tried to not let myself believe in the Donovan hype and am preparing for the Alford hire. That way I won't be as disappointed. That was my mentality as well every game this year after the Nebraska game.
  14. 513HoosierJS

    Top Fan Favorite Players

    Top 5 (including a pair) in no order: 1) DJ White 2) Rod Wilmont 3) VO/ Will Sheehey 4) VJ III 5) Jordy Hulls I could list about 10 others but tried hard to narrow it down to that list.