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  1. 1 hour ago, LamarCheeks said:

    I wonder if the non-handshake had to do with our side being worried about what might've been going on with Hoiberg? Or is that gonna be standard practice from here out? ... Did anybody see the Minny-N'western game? Did they do the same? ... After 40 minutes of bumping and banging and sweating, it just seemed odd to eschew the typical handshakes afterward. 

    Hoiberg has been confirmed to have influenza A and was sent back to the hotel. Nebraska Basketball’s Twitter account then sadly and very incorrectly stated influenza A was the “common cold”. It’s not and hopefully none of our players get it from their players. The non handshake line is pretty laughable after sweating all over each other the entire game. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, Hoosierfan2017 said:

    They were both terrible last year. image.thumb.png.e63b4311b6f64034a94379018f52ffde.png

    I’m not fully prepared to blame those stats on the QBs alone and TJ Green is coming back for a 6th year. They had zero experienced WRs last year. I’m not saying he can’t beat them out but I would have thought he would have picked a better situation for himself. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Class of '66 Old Fart said:

    Trust me, Geronimo put up his share of bricks over the season and is not immune to TOs.  The latter's a little more harder to judge because he's not surrounded by a really good team.  His teammates are kids playing basketball but not necessarily basketball players.  

    This is what I’m interested to learn from him. Just how off are his misses and what’s his FG%. In high school, the star players are sometimes known to take terrible shots so I’m not as worried if he’s throwing up bricks in that scenario because that can be easily fixed with coaching and being on a talented team that creates open looks for you. I did like from the video his ability to knock down college distance 3s that were fully contested if not a foul all together. I don’t think any of our guys coming back next year exhibited that ability out of HS. Having three guys who are long and are cable of shooting coming in next year is exciting. If they all work their butts off they will all make their mark here. 

  4. 1 hour ago, rcs29 said:

    Would a slightly more polished VO be a fair comp at this stage for JG?

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    They aren’t that similar at this stage so it’s really a tough comparison. VO was used as an athletic bruiser in HS. His roll was to get rebounds/put backs and run out dunks. He didn’t shoot much at all and played in the post.

    Hard to judge from a highlight film. I’ve always thought you could learn more with the misses added into the tape then leaving them out. He can definitely shoot, handle the ball and pass better than VO in HS. Time and lots of work in the gym will tell all if he can develop elite level speed and hops. 

  5. 5 hours ago, Demo said:

    I keep thinking of the alley oop that Vic missed and this kid would have flushed it.

    Literally insane hot take. Vic had dunks with his head literally above the rim. Geronimo has a LONG way to go before he can show VO level explosiveness and hops. I’m excited to see how good this kid can be but lets be realistic. He has good athleticism with loads of potential. VO had elite/unmatched athleticism. 

  6. 15 minutes ago, JerryYeagley23 said:

    Michigan is a 17-point favorite over NEB. The more likely scenario is Rutgers beating Purdue at Mackey, which would get us the 10-seed and PU would be the 11-seed. Rutgers hasn’t been good on the road, but their last two games they lost by a point at PSU and beat Maryland by double-digits. So I’d say that’s more likely than NEB beating Michigan. Either way, I don’t care so long as we finish 10-10 in the B1G. 

    Agreed. Taking care of business is what I want to see. Then actually performing well in the BigTen tournament. Leave no doubt. 

  7. 6 minutes ago, IUc2016 said:

    Definitely has implications for NCAA. But a win on Saturday only ensures a CHANCE that IU will get a first round bye next week.

    Purdue would have to lose their game on Sunday, or Michigan has to lose both of their remaining games. If neither of those happens, Iu will play on Wednesday regardless of the outcome against Wisconsin.

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    Yea, I forgot about our tiebreaking loss to Rutgers. We’re pretty much stuck at 11th as I don’t see Michigan losing to Nebraska at home. It’s absolutely crazy to me that a 10-10 conference record could equate to 11th place in this conference. A .500 record has almost always provided a 4th-7th place finish

  8. 1 hour ago, Hovadipo said:

    David Ellis started to be used in the backfield as the rotation was hit by injury late last season. I’d look for him to be there a fair amount during spring. 

    He was the first guy I thought of as a potential position change but I assume that would require the WR corp (esp Whop) to stay healthy and Rashawn Williams ability to start day one unless there’s a RS Freshman whos made strides. Da’Shaun Brown immediately comes to mind along with Jordan Jakes. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Stuhoo said:

    So our rb rotation will likely be: Scott, Baldwin, Lloyd.

    That'll be just fine.


    Definitely need one more and potentially a position change to add another for emergencies if Speigal can’t keep up. When is the last time IU didn’t have an injured RB during the season? Can’t roll with just 3 guys.  Ironically OSU is finding themselves in a potentially even more dire situation. Hopefully the kid from Arkansas doesn’t get offered by them and we can land him

  10. 6 minutes ago, Class of '66 Old Fart said:

    Per source: Indiana running back Sampson James, a four-star recruit in the 2019 class, has entered the NCAA transfer portal. Had offers from schools like Ohio State and Michigan.

    Wow. What is going on here? 

  11. 16 hours ago, Alford Bailey said:

    We are talking about the premier college football program in the last 10 years and maybe of all time. No way you turn that down for IU.

    He’s a strength and conditioning coach not an offensive coordinator. This is an all risk zero reward move. If he clashes with Saban or any of the other coaches he’s gone. If a key player gets hurt on his watch, he’s gone. If everything goes perfectly he gets none of the credit. All for what? A few extra bucks? To uproot you’re family? He has two teenage daughters who I can’t imagine would be too stoked about switching schools and moving to Tuscaloosa. 

    You don’t abandon your home for a lateral move and if he’s getting paid that much more than shame on Allen and the administration for not stepping up to the table. If being a part of a program that wins a national championship is that important to him, then so be it. I would think continuing to build his alma matre into a relevant program and being recognized specifically as a catalyst for it having improved success would be a better career move in his industry than going to Alabama and trying to mold your S&C program into what they do there. If Ballou thinks he’s getting free reign to implement his program there as he sees fit he’s either crazy or being sold a bill of goods. The grass isn’t always greener and there’s more examples of that in recent memory than the contrary. 

  12. 9 hours ago, Stuhoo said:

    And, I’m assuming Bama has a much bigger salary budgeted for these positions.


    This is still pretty shocking to me. How much more could Bama be offering him that IU can’t match? Both Ballou and his wife are IU grads. Seems like mistake if you ask me but to each their own. 

  13. I can live with a poor shooting night but I’m getting real tired of watching these kids get out worked and our coaching staff refusing to make adjustments. Not doubling Williams when everyone else not named Hunter (don’t even get me started on this) were throwing up bricks all night. Eastern’s man literally doesn’t even need to guard him yet we let TJD, Brunk and Davis get their sh*t kicked in by one guy with no help. Our kids got out worked, staff got out coached and this was the result. 

  14. 3 hours ago, Chris007 said:

    I was asked to keep this quiet but I will say there is more coming. I mean who doesn't want to play with the #1 PG. The offense runs best when you have two guards who can handle the ball. Rob & Lander will be great together. Love this commit especially if he can get in the class of 20 but this is just a start. Stay Tuned!!!

    Any concern Lander may decide not to come to IU if he for some reason can’t reclassify to 2020? 

  15. 15 minutes ago, ap2345 said:

    He’s been right more times than he’s wrong. SS drives me crazy with his arrogance at times.

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    That’s completely false. Follow along long enough and you’ll find out for yourself. Occasionally he’ll dial it back and be more vague with his predictions but even with recruitments he claims  to “get right” like TJD he takes multiple, conflicting, positions throughout the recruitment and either claims he had the goods all along or blames his incorrect prediction on “kids change their mind”. You’re better off just waiting for the announcement and treating the “insiders” over there as nothing more than comic relief...anyways, back to Lander. I’m really looking forward to getting this kid on campus next year.  

  16. 5 minutes ago, Hoosierfan2017 said:

    Not to get this thread off topic, but the difference between TJD's season and Keion's season are huge. TJD has been Big 10 freshman of the week 5 times this season. #1 option on his team. Averaging 14 and 8 while playing 29 minutes a game. Keion, on the other hand, is now barely playing. That's the problem when you go to a team full of 5 stars. Someone's the odd man out. I Think that's something Archie will be able to use with recruits in the future. 

    My point with Keion is that he’s not buried by the typical roster of seven or eight 5 star studs. They really only play 6 guys (only five of which were 5 stars out of HS) with Brooks and Juzang playing sparsely. Cal makes his starters play 35+ minutes a game. I have to think he’d rather get his lead guys more rest than that if he had capable scorers/defenders off the bench. 

  17. 3 minutes ago, JerryYeagley23 said:

    Respectfully, 18 year-old kids have fragile egos. A change of scenery and reuniting with a good friend and being in a positive environment where you feel valued can make a huge difference. 

    I agree which is why I was sure to caveat my statement but I would be very wary of him transferring to IU. From his dad’s “time to be selfish” mindset to his absolute lackluster performance this year, I’m not sure where he would even fit in here. We need shooters and post guys who want to be a part of building a program not some egomaniac who’s looking to “get his” so as to springboard to the NBA as soon as possible. Like you said, maybe he’s recalibrated and would come correct because ego aside, he needs a lot of work to become a consistent contributor at this level. 

  18. 6 minutes ago, JerryYeagley23 said:

    He was the #23 overall prospect and a 5-star recruit in the 2019 class. He is averaging 1.8 points per game over his last ten games.

    Kentucky has a 6-man class coming in next year of three five stars and three four-stars. They signed the #28 and #31 overall players which are four-star PF’s for next year, both 6’9” and the #4 overall player, a 6’7” five-star SG. Keion is a 6’7” F.

    This year’s Kentucky team goes 7 deep and Keion played 2 minutes tonight against Texas A&M. 

    It’s safe to say Keion is getting recruited over, and I don’t know too many five-star Top 30 high school recruits that take that too kindly and don’t want to find a better situation. 

    Hard pass on Keion. He was extremely overrated coming out of HS and has no interest in staying four years, putting in the work to develop and its showing. UK has been down to 7 scholarship players at times due to injury and he still plays 10 minutes or less and his only role when he gets into the game is to set screens and rebound. Maybe the humble pie he’s choking on this year changes his mindset, otherwise I personally wouldn’t be interested. 

  19. 19 minutes ago, VO5 said:

    Not to rain on anyone’s parade but Snow has been saying for a while it’s unlikely that Kaufman/Lander play together, but not impossible. Not sure why on that. Also said Xavier is in the best spot with Duncomb so not sure where IUwins is getting his info from 

    I used to post over there for years dating back to the site they had previous to  the current HSN. IUwins is much like Sam Story in that they are continuously vouched for by the hsn mods and they make predictions on literally everything, are wrong almost always and then make excuses as to why. Rinse. Repeat. I wouldn’t spend too much time trying to read into anything they say.