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  1. HATE the trade. Gonna get that Opladipo Flo Jo jersey though

  2. I'm sorry, Senator. I know it is, and I'm trying to remove it. https://t.co/bY26KW8sXb

  3. Roundabouts -- when small and used in place of four-way stops -- are good. Carmel's roundabouts are very good. https://t.co/ut3niYRDrH

  4. RT @robdelaney: Hi there. I'm Mitch McConnell. When I'm not having disabled people arrested for protesting a bill that will kill them, my h…

  5. Reminder: the @NRA's position is absolute constitutional right to gun ownership as long as you're white https://t.co/GwVe91IOpg

  6. As an important member of the Tolerant Left community, I'm pleased to announce that we did it, fam. https://t.co/pLJYt9uulh

  7. RT @KrangTNelson: AMAZON, 1998: hello we sell books but online AMAZON, 2023: please return to your Primehouse for your nightly Primemeal,…

  8. Dogs of @wundergartendc featuring the GOAT @mstarrswan @ Wunder Garten at NoMa https://t.co/8d2JmRi9hS

  9. @MattVallone Trump is just a Republican who says the loud part quietly and the quiet part loudly

  10. @VicBergerIV Greetings from North America's only tea estate, the Charleston Tea Plantation https://t.co/gSMgRVmow2

  11. RT @ByYourLogic: conservatism means infinite do overs as head of the world's greatest killing machines but starting out on 2 strikes if you…

  12. I mean... Theresa May and the Conservatives are pretty horrible is lots of ways. But no, I guess not. https://t.co/jy2C78VOhL

  13. RT @HeerJeet: So called "free speech absolutism" is mostly performative BS, part 3,045,652 https://t.co/EjNg1IKGRc

  14. RT @poniewozik: I'd make a Titanic joke but I guess there won't be icebergs https://t.co/8Fw4s8zol3

  15. Note to self... https://t.co/Dnsdg1tPNL

  16. Trigger libs this Memorial Day by watching a shitty movie with George Allen cosplaying as a slaveowner https://t.co/BQyfvnEoyW

  17. RT @Slade: https://t.co/9epVqCxbLu

  18. This is what happens when Democrats run on actual progressive values https://t.co/lrJHlpVdI5

  19. RT @ashleyfeinberg: steve bannon looks so uncomfortable here and it rules https://t.co/GlPQJPUTts

  20. @BigToddDont At least you weren't at Smith Point last night. They were playing the Willie Horton ad and Roger Ailes' other greatest hits

  21. Really glad Henry got to meet the mail robot in The Americans

  22. So, about this... https://t.co/k1FKcin4us

  23. @washingtonpost @peterjholley This tweet is inaccurate -- your video shows the guy confronting Cramer was the one who was shoved

  24. RT @mollyhc: "Aw, shut the **** up," someone cries to cheers as DeVos speaks.

  25. RT @pattymo: And now we go live to Ted Cruz's questioning https://t.co/7thAYMPJ0P