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  1. RT @baseballot: This seems less like journalism than an in-kind contribution… https://t.co/1IPBCZRKgb

  2. @HarryLiberman Well that was weird. Gonna be a fun winter!

  3. @pkcapitol What if they run political neophyte Struther Lange? https://t.co/myTa8odXi4

  4. RT @emmaroller: Siri, show me “photos that will bring about the revolution” https://t.co/WqgJPgcFGk https://t.co/dr1xYNzXSJ

  5. It (2017) https://t.co/l4nrN38g9N

  6. @JSlanderz Yeah but that means you're 4 years older than homeboy right here. See a picture of Stephen Miller and re… https://t.co/TQVBVgxJAR

  7. And yes, it slaps. https://t.co/vAocZIIwtu

  8. RT @jemelehill: A question I would love to ask an NFL owner/executive 10 years from now: Was keeping Colin Kaepernick out of the league wor…

  9. When I first saw this I thought it was a lefty being funny, and then realized it was written by a Heritage moron be… https://t.co/Q6iJ8jDkoZ

  10. RT @Max_Fisher: Guys just FYI this release has been scheduled since 1992 https://t.co/wuFpNG5wCr

  11. Late capitalism has given us some pretty weird stuff recently https://t.co/LPJcZuYaeg

  12. Every neutral observer should be rooting for Yasiel Puig and the Dodgers. If you aren't, you hate fun. https://t.co/ZqYyPHXfaV

  13. Ben Garrison is the undisputed champion of this particular trope https://t.co/jhszyNttXU

  14. RT @pattymo: “Former running back OJ Simpson breaks down the start of the Bills’ season” https://t.co/2Y2sUVuHQ1

  15. RT @EmilyGorcenski: I found it. I found the purest source of neoliberalism concentrate. https://t.co/TmmtivPn20

  16. RT @JoePerticone: this website is free https://t.co/hkcJ02EBHE

  17. I feel like I should be able to watch Jeopardy without being subjected to @EdWGillespie's astonishingly racist ads

  18. RT @erinscafe: A white guy shoots up a country music festival and Fox News still manages to take a swing at black people. https://t.co/q3vl…

  19. RT @jmrivera02: I didn't know what to do, so I did the only thing I know to do. Here it is: America never deserved Puerto Rico https://t.…

  20. RT @samstein: If Tom Price were a stock, Tom Price would have sold all his shares 3 weeks ago.

  21. RT @SpursOfficial: HAT-TRICK!!!! #COYS https://t.co/Og3DDmHAhG

  22. RT @pareene: it rules that Trump is now adding "all sports" to the massive list of things his angry retiree base can't enjoy anymore

  23. Oh yes it is time new Young Thug it is time https://t.co/aoaNxtiFfX

  24. Please log off, @BillCassidy https://t.co/SWVWfEg1JJ

  25. RT @ultrabrilliant: https://t.co/tFmXeIG0OS