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  1. RT @JasonKirkSBN: No I don't think she did anything wrong https://t.co/K6Q5cF72at

  2. Harry and I have the same shoes! We’re also wearing the same number of leg braces! https://t.co/PvJs4RsauV

  3. @HarryLiberman These kids are standing on the shoulders of giants and they don’t even know it https://t.co/ZbP5HTjyPn

  4. Lol nah. https://t.co/3OfPRvmS26

  5. Love those shared national experiences, like the entire country watching the last five minutes of Get Hard on TBS right now

  6. This Is What True Bipartisanship Looks Like (It's Bad) https://t.co/skqfB3dB9W via @Splinter_news

  7. Spurs, please score.

  8. RT @pblest: everything @JedediahSPurdy writes is a must-read, but this is particularly so https://t.co/HMAJ9Evzge https://t.co/md0i7DGvmp

  9. Weird, huh guys? https://t.co/tFXEaWOCIU

  10. RT @pattymo: *carefully studies graphic* Thank you for the detailed explanation. Ban both of these stupid guns https://t.co/pq5bgBPwTl

  11. Send @EricGreitens to juvenile prison so he has to answer to teens every day. https://t.co/RSboGiP4dO

  12. Somebody has already helpfully updated the Louisville basketball Wikipedia page. https://t.co/yHXR5HqpUF

  13. @JSlanderz In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.

  14. RT @pareene: I wrote about America's sole victory in the War on Drugs and its relevance to the gun control debate https://t.co/m1sr4T0K8v

  15. 1998 was an insane year in which Fugazi, Spoon, RZA, Smashing Pumpkins, Cat Power, Madonna, Bright Eyes, Sonic Yout… https://t.co/auX6drPH1e

  16. @JeffreyToobin @SenGillibrand @alfranken @realDonaldTrump Hey @JeffreyToobin, should we talk more about this instea… https://t.co/7LtgAUOgjg

  17. RT @brianklaas: Life expectancy, UK vs. US: ???????? male: 79.4; ???????? male: 76.9 ???????? female: 83.0; ???????? female: 81.6 Healthcare spending (OECD): ????????:…

  18. RT @terrellowens: @WhitlockJason Kick Rocks.

  19. I should probably address this important topic. I went to Union Pool in like 2011, and it was fine. There was a tac… https://t.co/iU2gbuWqAp

  20. RT @outline: The most amazing thing about SNL's four-minute-long Aziz Ansari sketch was how it managed to say absolutely nothing at all htt…

  21. RT @edsbs: 17 minutes of Culture 2 is just Migos reading the Zaxby's menu

  22. RT @jiatolentino: It has been so frustrating to hear a constant cry of "let's not lump all male sexual misconduct together" when 1) all the…

  23. RT @moiragweigel: THIS @jacobinmag piece on how neoliberalism is causing an epidemic of perfectionism among young people is sad and scary.…

  24. Chris Cillizza: This was Trump's best speech yet. He truly became President today. https://t.co/wY6TlUEFHf

  25. RT @outline: It's the identity politics, stupid. https://t.co/DokAs1SKPz