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  1. RT @JusticeWillett: Donald Trump haiku— Who would the Donald Name to #SCOTUS? The mind reels. *weeps—can't finish tweet* http://t.co/a326A…

  2. RT @cartilagefree: I love this club. I love this team. I love this manager. But I am beyond angry about this result.

  3. And I'll root for Derby County just based on that crudely drawn logo https://t.co/lM9rYSq9lL

  4. Duncan Hunter is at it again! cc: @JesseThorn @Jordan_Morris https://t.co/TnjyJ4SnZi

  5. Truth. https://t.co/KjpT4xzeKK

  6. RT @pourmecoffee: If you're just tuning in today, here's where we are as Indiana votes https://t.co/DkuzLmdgy8

  7. RT @jonlovett: This piece by @jbouie is very well said. https://t.co/20Y5gKlBoF https://t.co/B3xXgIEHsM

  8. I did this today. https://t.co/SuII7UA0rf

  9. RT @8pts9secs: George Hill and Monta only played 34 and 32 minutes each. Could have easily come in two minutes earlier. Could have prevente…

  10. Pictured: John Kasich https://t.co/6JAUYelnrO

  11. I'm in love with a Dele Alli

  12. @EricDWest Yeah he's fine on ESPN but he gets too much radio time and starts coming up with some really bad hot takes

  13. RT @barryap1: The thing you have to understand about Phil Mushnick is that he hates black people.

  14. Wisconsin Republican admits voter ID laws are meant to suppress Democratic vote https://t.co/V636o7seEe

  15. RT @crimsonquarry: SO, UH UNC vs. Indiana: 7/7 from 3 to start UNC tonight: 0/8 from 3 to start LET. ME. DIE.

  16. @brooksza This man will never disappoint me https://t.co/s9dJ452oLi

  17. @BJanosch Meat your maker, Meat and greet, More than meats the eye, Make ends meat, Meat me halfway ... at Arby's!