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  1. Yeah, but IU hasn't won a bowl game since 1991, either.
  2. WHOP's biggest play was in the wrong direction,. :(
  3. Don't they play Basketball there?
  4. To early. I've seen IU ****** a loss out of the jaws of victory way to many times over the years.
  5. That is very true. BUT a WIN will feel much better than an L.
  6. Nice Stop!! Now we need to stick the knife in and get another 7!
  7. Yep, should have taken the yards. Closer shot at a field goal. :(
  8. I don't know about you all, but I am more than willing to trade touchdowns for field goals the rest of the game. :)
  9. We just need to let them get within the 20, then the TN offense goes to hell.
  10. Almost! got another turnover. :(
  11. I wonder what the heck happened to our kicking game. It has gone to hell since the Purdue game.
  12. Well lets be honest, With the exception of the last sentence we were all thinking the same thing,
  13. Best, So far it has pretty much been the ONLY offense.
  14. The porn pics weren't that good. :) Kind of like IU's offense in the first half.
  15. Yep, Now we take the time out? WTF!!!
  16. Ramsey: Just like all year is taking the offense on his back.
  17. Offense has really got to do something different. This is just bad.
  18. If they are new, just stop approving members until the game is over. If you can do that. :)
  19. Good thing TN sucks when they get in the red zone.
  20. Is Tennessee playing 13 on Defense? I mean how the heck are our receivers that covered, and they are still getting to Ramsey with ease.
  21. Yep, and it pisses me off every time. :)
  22. How the hell do you have a delay of game coming after a kickoff???