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  1. how bout Jared Jeffries? Sent from my SM-G920V using BtownBanners mobile app
  2. Beard

    (2017) SG Andrew Platek

    From Stuhoo's post on pg2 - Platek isn’t sure where he wants to play yet, but he said academics are an important factor in his decision process. In 2015, Northfield Mount Hermon was ranked #25 on MSN’s list of the 50 most elite boarding schools in the country.Platek said he wants to go to a college where he can get a quality education and play basketball at a high level without sacrificing one for the other. “I go to one of the best academic and basketball schools in the country,” Platek said. “Education has always been important to me and it has always been a value for my family and I.” Any chance he missed the whole cheating scandal at UNC? Can't imagine they would endorse the superior education garnered there. At least they will be getting a massive discount. His parents paid 60k/yr for high school but at least they actually had class!
  3. Beard

    Indiana @ O$U Game Thread

    That was ugly, and I'm not talking about the live streaming on cbssports.com but that was ugly too. Even when we get deflections, can't seem to get the ball under control. Defense was poor, but rebounding was pretty good considering we barely have anyone over 5 foot. Great season under way so far, have to bounce back now and show some maturity after a loss. 
  4. Beard

    @Illinois game thread. 1pm Sunday

    Ya last weekend was incredible with all the football and IU beating Ohio State wasn't bad either lol. This weekend might be just as good but I might sleep all day Saturday after my son's basketball game. Go Hoosiers, Go Colts, Go Black Team!