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  1. Or the committing of treason? https://t.co/uk5aJJUb4S

  2. RT @NFL_Memes: Would it be cool for the NFL to realign conferences like this for a season? ???? https://t.co/IGGBf6nP5e

  3. RT @sheripuff: https://t.co/wJB4ifuwcQ. The epitome of true class and a great human,thank you to Steve Kerr for sharing these thoughts #C…

  4. RT @thebrainlair: "Cherish your human connections - your relationships with friends and family." https://t.co/wEwtCIHJry

  5. RT @CNN: Common myths about teaching: • Paid summer breaks (nope) • Fewer hours than other professionals (myth) • Free school supplies (…

  6. @red_sox1334 our boys are rolling. https://t.co/J97VeHzsyW

  7. Let’s go sox. @red_sox1334 https://t.co/8CRclMZ5Dg

  8. Let’s go sox. @red_sox1334 https://t.co/8CRclMZ5Dg

  9. RT @CNN: More than 4,000 black men, women, and children died at the hands of white mobs between 1877 and 1950. This memorial in Montgomery,…

  10. RT @Golchawa: Another life was just lost in #SouthDakota. #POTUS, it's time to do something. #BackfireTrump https://t.co/UdsNeKgciY

  11. Well said congressman https://t.co/u5VJX5J7J6

  12. What an great story. Never give up that passion for pushing yourself. #welldone #keepgrinding. https://t.co/OiAt96rDr7

  13. RT @nevmac: .@WSBT Do the right thing. You owe it to the hard-working, talented people who work there. https://t.co/BJ4NaP9cxm

  14. RT @DavidHaugh: Oh. My. Gosh. Notre Dame women win national championship on unreal buzzer-beater by Arike Ogunbowale. Congrats to Muffet Mc…

  15. RT @IndianaMBB: One this date, #IUBB won National Championships in... ✅1981 ✅1987 https://t.co/CjF855F30s

  16. Outstanding. https://t.co/yE2JB2kR4N

  17. RT @CBSSportsCBB: Chris Mack has reached an agreement to be Louisville’s next head coach, according to @GaryParrishCBS. https://t.co/AyyeJK…

  18. RT @davidhogg111: I'm ready to change America and save lives are you?

  19. Well written and so true. As far as I am concerned, if Knight never returns to Bloomington, that is fine with me.… https://t.co/oIJsd4m33d

  20. what a great moment that was https://t.co/epPvGXzVLc

  21. RT @TomCrean: If we can play as fast as @UGAAthletics got this poster up in Stegeman Coliseum we will be FLYING up and down the court! What…

  22. Sometimes you are the hammer and sometimes you are the nail. Well said coach. https://t.co/EW0mIDha5M

  23. RT @PeteSampson_: Is this heaven? No, it’s March. https://t.co/DIYCr7UGVQ

  24. RT @nilslofgren: “...And these children That you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. They’re quit…

  25. That is pretty funny. https://t.co/U3XwiSG9lX