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  1. 12 minutes ago, CR3AMnCR1MS0N said:

    How likely would it be for a recent, former trustee to be in the know? Randall Tobias served through last year as chair and was from Hamilton County.

    Speculation and extrapolation here, but you never know where info may have been mis-conveyed. And maybe a former trustee would be more likely to leak than a current trustee. Could maybe mean less trouble for them if word gets out about who leaked.



    Looks like there may be some room to squeeze in a helicopter . . . . 

  2. Just now, Capt. Crimson said:

    Doyle's article about the Alford noise yesterday included a quote from Dakich that Dakich directly texted him. "the deal (with) Alford is done". 

    Has me kind of worried because I usually like to write both of them of, but 247 guys are saying to stay the course, so I'll continue to believe for now. 

    Dakich is either (1) a troll and just speculating and/or (2) a s#!tty friend of SA.  If an offer truly was made, wouldn't SA be pretty peeved at his supposed buddy for spilling the beans (especially while he is still in the tourney)?  SA may end up being our next coach (I hope not), but you can't trust a thing out of Dakich's mouth.

  3. 43 minutes ago, RTJ85 said:

    UCLA fans don't even want Alford. That's telling.


    "So, let me get this straight. According to this report, Adidas is about to get suckered into paying UCLA another $7.8 million to take our basketball coach of questionable moral character who has never made it past the Sweet 16 off our hands? Now, this is an Adidas check that Dan Guerrero should send Tyus Edney to cash!"

    You know how to tell this isn't true . . . Even if SA was worth that kind of money, IU wouldn't make that kind of offer.   They could offer SA a hot dog and water (no ice) and he would sign on the dotted line.