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  1. His son seems pretty on the bal... wait nope, yeah they're all bad. https://t.co/BamEfYbVz0

  2. Uh is @Reince talking about Canadian football rules? https://t.co/mOcnmAjoyE

  3. My NBA 2K MyTeam starting five -- just got a diamond Erdogan ???????????? https://t.co/2WyJzdyzeY

  4. Well everyone knows Custer died at Little Big Horn. What @BretStephensNYT's column presupposes is ... maybe he didn't?

  5. Dang Leonard Fournette went to all that trouble to avoid an injury and now he has to attend Jags mini camp

  6. You should be forced to retire if you have a tweet with that ratio. https://t.co/KcQUuU2UHv

  7. RT @tracklinedinst: Thanks @IUalumniDC for supporting our 2017 softball shenanigans in a great league @CapAlumNetwork #IUday https://t.co/8…

  8. This amazing website is free https://t.co/W2p0dM6Ld6

  9. Starting to become clear Barca flopped their way into a fluky comeback against PSG. Juve probably won't be as accommodating

  10. Yep, and Big Bang Theory wins lots of Emmys too. https://t.co/SxghqMqdph

  11. RT @fivefifths: There's something so American about demonizing and banning Syrian people who flee, then bombing Syria for gassing Syrian pe…

  12. @anthonydeangelo @Phil_Friend Making a Costco run for some Tums -- who needs some?

  13. These damn millennials. Can't they just be happy with their endless job searches? https://t.co/HHOtH7OVyV

  14. @MattVallone Yeah not sure if Oregon really deserved it the way they were shooting tho

  15. Lee Hamilton and Purdue Person Lugar lighting up Trump on NewsHour rn

  16. 6 Editing Tips To Shorten Your Singing Telegram Informing Your Ex-Wife That Your Son Is Lost At The Mall https://t.co/YtT834LeHo

  17. Pulisic to Dempsey ???? https://t.co/p0qHmj2ix1

  18. RT @pattymo: Sean Spicer had no mother. He formed when a Vineyard Vines tie fell in a puddle at a toxic waste dump https://t.co/anBpOsE6Db

  19. RT @samsanders: 4 every Benny Johnson, whose career is 1 big journalist web redemption, there r at least 3, 4 women&minority journos not ev…

  20. Purdue almost blew it. But Iowa State blew it just a little bit more

  21. @RyanEMann From our tweets to God's ears to Fred Glass's desk

  22. https://t.co/4VK689Uvct

  23. RT @studentactivism: Three thousand Iowans died fighting for the Union. Iowa Congressman @SteveKingIA keeps the flag of the country that ki…

  24. RT @trillballins: @minakimes https://t.co/1wF6YLiE5F