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  1. @OurIndiana To be clear -- I would like to buy one or several of them

  2. RT @AlanMCole: All Net Operating Losses in 1995: $49.331 billion. NOL taken by @realDonaldTrump in 1995: $916 million. Trump was 1.9% of t…

  3. RT @kumailn: Remember in Pulp Fiction when they're all "$5 milkshake? Crazy!" How times have changed. Also 42% of the country supports a de…

  4. RT @KagroX: I didn't pay taxes because you would have squandered it. https://t.co/bMcyXlnHcC

  5. A rare moment of self awareness from Fox News https://t.co/v3hrqc5c3m

  6. RT @NateSilver538: CRUZ DOOMS A PRESIDENT is an anagram for ZODIAC ENDORSES TRUMP

  7. @Phil_Friend This is probably the spiciest take that I truly believe. I recognize that it's outrageously ????????????

  8. RT @Brosner85: Rapper Killer Mike gets a huge tunnel boring machine named for him: Driller Mike: https://t.co/qsfVr9clXy

  9. @JimIrsay Ryan Grigson is ruining Andrew Luck's career. What are you doing?

  10. Here's a universally trusted organization standing up for a dedicated public servant https://t.co/gonvwisDxG

  11. I can't believe the "Go Big Papa" song was still lodged somewhere in my brain but @edsbs managed to scrape it out

  12. Well that is some absolute trash https://t.co/XjYE00tOt6

  13. This is fun to remember https://t.co/LAJ3nlIXES

  14. RT @ashleyfeinberg: fixed it https://t.co/RaKVGk1926

  15. That goal was Leicester's season last year in a nutshell

  16. There is no more credulous oaf than Gary Varvel https://t.co/xCXGmy9085

  17. Can't think of a more apt example of “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other” than in yesterday's news

  18. Just posted a photo @ Daikaya - Ramen - Izakaya https://t.co/Qqt6QpgN0W

  19. Y'all it's Carrie and Pete wedding! #hooe2chau @ The Gramercy https://t.co/obEBge8qHK

  20. Flight to Louisville delayed but guy next to me in a tucked-in UK polo is watching some video on The Blaze so I'm basically already there

  21. All you need to know is IU won 34-13 noooooo don't bother reading more about it, it was comfortable and fine

  22. Imagine Louisville bragging about all of Pitino's recruits recruits at UK. This is bad, Rutger. https://t.co/FksMkkzO9L

  23. DC State Fair in our backyard today @ Storey Park Noma https://t.co/8hsaKi8H2r

  24. RT @danpfeiffer: Progressives (and everyone) should refuse to use the term "Alt-Right." We shouldn't grant a collection of bigots their cho…

  25. We didn't deserve a blessing like this Vince Staples EP but the lord is merciful