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  1. RT @matthewjdowd: Been saying this for a few years and said again a few days ago, but it bears repeating after today’s sunday shows. News…

  2. When did Wayne Newton turn into Tattoo from Fantasy Island?

  3. RT @paulfeig: https://t.co/wFT83XNP3e

  4. And of course. Her Twitter bio has “Faith” in it. Such a compassionate conservative! https://t.co/pOq6AztFWl

  5. Impressed with @SecPompeo on Face the Nation this morning regarding North Korea: instead of US taxpayer aid for den… https://t.co/DEa9L4v2uL

  6. RT @MichaelSkolnik: It has only been 87 days since the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and the president of the @NRA says…

  7. This is not your grandfathers’ Cubs. This is not your grandfathers’ Wrigley Field. https://t.co/dHpMtWVcO4 https://t.co/qzC7z1PIVq

  8. RT @SRotkis: Obviously, not a constitutional law scholar. Also, his professional experience is that of spinner for two former members of Co…

  9. RT @mitchellreports: And the cameo to end all cameos https://t.co/P62GhVLHVx

  10. RT @Austan_Goolsbee: No the unemployment Rate was 50% under Obama https://t.co/8Jt8kBf24U

  11. RT @mbsimon: Were you in the room when he asked if there were any Hispanics present, and the crowd booed? Did you boo? https://t.co/PUPxFvv…

  12. Panamanian home run. https://t.co/gihgf2C8gQ https://t.co/HKOZTRXF5Z

  13. RT @ProBallHoosiers: An #iufb recap: ???? @greatness_16 drafted by @Panthers ???? @CCovington02 drafted by @dallascowboys ???? @simmie104 to @Redski…

  14. RT @dandakich: Oladipo Down Lane last play...interesting https://t.co/eemCDJptpH

  15. @ESPNChiCubs That’s a bomb. @kschwarb12 #iubase @ASUSkip