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  1. "The 1st reading is a from the book of Tabbouleh, chapter 8" https://t.co/5YLunC5hdV https://t.co/8Enm1vfn2p

  2. Kershaw clinging to his no-hit bid with a 7- run lead. #Cubs

  3. RT @NBCPolitics: JUST IN: Former Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page subpoenaed by the Senate Intel Committee as part of Russia electi…

  4. RT @ebsoftball: Clayton Kershaw’s last 2 starts vs the Cubs: 9.1 inn, 18 h, 8 er, 5 hr, 2 bb, 10 k 7.71 era, 2.14 whip, .409 baa #FlyTheW…

  5. Lackey Game 1 starter.

  6. Looks like the good lord is going to rain out this Cubs game so we can go see Bill Murray at the CSO tonight! @chicagosym

  7. RT @davidaxelrod: And based on your long national security experience & deep knowledge of history, what is that “one thing,” Mr. @POTUS? Te…

  8. Not sure how you guys pull off this hard-hitting big J journalism, but thank you. https://t.co/giSS7tL2gv

  9. Yanks looking good so far

  10. The good news is that Trump really isn't in charge. Thank goodness. https://t.co/3skJnwzfJc

  11. @SenateGOP : you've been hacked. Change your password ASAP & use 2-step verification. https://t.co/XvuoMemtvW

  12. RT @TheDLCC: BREAKING: Kari Lerner has won the special election for the NH House in the 4th reddest district in the state, one Trump won by…

  13. RT @DavidCornDC: How about you pay as much attention to Puerto Rico as you do to the NFL? https://t.co/mUWzE7t3UW

  14. RT @brianschatz: Under this bill, pregnancy will cost you an extra 17K. Metastatic cancer 172K. Autism 5K. Asthma 4K. This isn't a healthca…

  15. Davis thought that was gone