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  1. Weak on crime. Weak on borders. Weak at golf. Sad! https://t.co/WQiN57CdbS

  2. “Chicago Booth has three active faculty with a Nobel Prize, which is three more than all other business schools com… https://t.co/NuGgiRQICQ

  3. Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan dies in London hotel https://t.co/TJuf6pyWZf via @MailOnline

  4. @realDonaldTrump Great point. Now focus back on golf today. Hit ‘em straight!

  5. More fake news from the liberal, failing Wall St. Journal... https://t.co/lB0yCr66jV

  6. RT @phyxdough: People of substance and conviction used to change party affiliation when their ideals began to clash with those of their par…

  7. RT @BeschlossDC: No President was born in a hospital until Jimmy Carter: https://t.co/rZBHChjP2W

  8. @AP_Oddities I can’t believe it’s not the 101st Farm Show

  9. @morningmoneyben What about two months if January is another miss?

  10. Again, I’m just here for the low taxes and low crime. https://t.co/2c6hv0IFgV https://t.co/AzXY5sctZi

  11. RT @counterchekist: “I fight to win.” So does Bob Mueller & FBI. But I’m sure you know that, hence your increasingly bizarre Twitter chest-…

  12. RT @ddiamond: Washington Post’s weather reporters yesterday vs Donald Trump today. https://t.co/hhI9xcc1V7

  13. @BarstoolBigCat Big idea guy

  14. Today in 2004, the tsunami in the Indian Ocean killed 200,000 people. Abject devastation.

  15. @braggley I hate ham.