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    Interesting statistics top v. bottom

    Sorry, I didn't explain myself well.  Iowa has only three games left against the top six.  They have two road games at IU and Michigan and a home game against IU.  Other than that they are playing the bottom feeders.  They now get a schedule similar to IU's first half and we get a schedule similar to Iowa's first half.  If Iowa wins the conference they won it primarily in the first nine games and now all they need to do is avoid upsets.  The road gets much tougher ahead for the Hoosiers.  Back in was probable a poor choice of words but I think you can see what I'm saying.  Our future is in our own hands but we need to prove that we can beat the top teams if we hope to keep pace.
  2. BottomLine

    Interesting statistics top v. bottom

    The only team that is racking up "good" wins is Iowa.  They will back in to the title is form holds.  Wisconsin might be ready to break out of the bottom bunch.  Can the Big 10 send 7 to the NCAA?
  3. BottomLine

    This Started It All for Me

    Born and raised in southern Indiana.  Never missed an IU game on the tube from the late 50's on.  Graduated from IU in '69 and moved to Illinois to teach.  Retired in 2013.  Still bleed cream and crimson.  Youngest daughter was class of 2000.