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  1. RT @trumpism_45: This is the original Clinton family portrait, the other one was Photoshopped. https://t.co/hCOBhFvfYZ

  2. RT to #VoiceSaveBritton https://t.co/KCX2kLEAY1

  3. @RealJamesWoods Likewise if obama or clinton has brought home the 3 hostages!

  4. @chuckwoolery A true nut job!

  5. RT to #VoiceSaveChristiana https://t.co/KCX2kLEAY1

  6. RT to #VoiceSaveRayshun https://t.co/KCX2kLEAY1

  7. RT @JohnFromCranber: While we’ve been asleep at the switch, Left-Wing educators have been brainwashing our kids for decades with lies many…

  8. @JohnFromCranber What a joke Holder is!

  9. RT @RealJamesWoods: Luckily the Founding Fathers, in their extraordinary wisdom, made it none of your business, Senator. https://t.co/1nqc3…

  10. RT @JohnFromCranber: An honorable man wouldn’t have let a Criminal Skate - anyone other than Hillary would have been prosecuted. An honora…

  11. RT @JohnFromCranber: If Trump Hadn’t Defeated Hillary in 2016, Obama’s ‘Fundamental Transformation’ of USA would have become ‘Set In Stone’…

  12. @SenSanders You are an out of touch idiot!

  13. @ThePatriot143 Can you imagine the reaction had anyone said something similar about obama?

  14. RT @AllenWest: Highly disturbing trend emerges between Florida and other mass shootings — demolishes liberal narrative https://t.co/dFJfwD…

  15. @BIGEASTMBB @FS1 Keep him away from IU! Go Hoosiers!