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  1. @hqtrivia Dwizzles

  2. RT @McJesse: I took every shot from behind-the-scenes featurettes where Dr. Strange is in front of a greenscreen, and edited him into a wat…

  3. @hqtrivia Dwizzles

  4. @CarlitosWayDFS @byrdturgler I wanted him but fit in Vela, Gio, and Almiron instead. Melia carried me to $$$.

  5. This is nice https://t.co/583T4pKME7

  6. Sup https://t.co/roP2sfUurO

  7. RT @JamilahLemieux: Most meetings could be calls. Most calls could be emails. Most of us could work effectively with limited human interact…

  8. RT @GideonResnick: Italian chef kiss https://t.co/UclFNvgnKY https://t.co/MfNpvwNxW6

  9. @Tegray_Scales8 let's get it Tegray. I'm thankful for your contribution to #iufb and ready to root for you on Sundays.

  10. RT @gilbertjasono: House Chaplain: Blessed are the Poor, for they shall— Paul Ryan [grabbing the microphone]: BE VERY SATISFIED WITH THE E…

  11. Can't wait for True Detective season 3 https://t.co/E3w3buh1Mq

  12. RT @BillSimmons: Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww. This Pacers team has done this all year - they’re tough and they keep fighting and fighting. LeBron pos…

  13. RT @ParkerMolloy: “First, you get Ben Gibbard into a room and you say, ‘Benjamin, I need to talk to you about your songs. The past few Deat…

  14. Where can I order one of these? https://t.co/bVVZFRO9NM

  15. RT @matthewchampion: this... may be the greatest story ever told https://t.co/ndHBjwIVkb