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  1. @maggieNYT Because he is aware that, unlike him, some people do read books

  2. @davidhogg111 Thank you, David. As an old veteran of the civil rights movement as a student, I know symbolic protes… https://t.co/ORVwnJkIlH

  3. @BradMossEsq @itsWanda The GOP complicity is just staggering. Trump will ruin the GOP brand for generations https://t.co/V55Qw0DTWs

  4. @Butlebj @sandypersisted @ughh_erin What does “pro family” mean? I’ve been married for 47 years to the same person,… https://t.co/QG0Gycu2Qv

  5. @AP_Politics https://t.co/NSoiEVXoZq

  6. @Scaramucci You will regret this part of your life being a Trump apologist when you are my age. I promise. You have… https://t.co/JcyesGuaPj

  7. @marcorubio @WhiteHouse @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Japan has very violent games. 127 million people. Fewer than 20 dea… https://t.co/EaXAaZ379f

  8. @ABC @ThisWeekABC https://t.co/jVCq8AgtEz

  9. @Nightline @MeghanMcCain @JujuChangABC Get in line, Meghan. Won’t happen.

  10. RT @Emma4Change: THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE SEEN TODAY THANKS https://t.co/u6L48UipFV

  11. @AP_Politics Oh, so all of the money we lost in the stock market in our IRAs this week didn’t count? Glad to hear that.

  12. @NBCNews Waste of time, Japan has video games as violent as ours. 127 million Japanese. Fewer than 10 violent gun d… https://t.co/A2XlXecpdJ

  13. @AndrewLSeidel https://t.co/jd5c0G0Vld

  14. @WhiteHouse https://t.co/0oYcNtDk32

  15. @SenToddYoung https://t.co/ZhQGZ5qJ0j