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  1. RT @SereneJones: "There is something deeply hypocritical about praying for a problem that you are unwilling to resolve." - Miroslav Volf ht…

  2. RT @GavinNewsom: A reminder that Trump also referred to: - Mexicans as “drug dealers" and "rapists” - Haitians as having AIDS - Central Ame…

  3. @Guinz LOL. I call him “****nuckle T. Bonespur.”

  4. @brianbeutler At least Mexico’s transparently corrupt.

  5. @dancanon We need to stop the absurd false equivalency. Anyone who didn’t see the diff between HRC and Trump & doe… https://t.co/4JIft7qd7k

  6. @SpeakerRyan https://t.co/vj5spdjoz5

  7. @jack_rearden @truthgoesrogue It’s s Lie https://t.co/GOMmbsGyNB

  8. @foxandfriends @jasoninthehouse https://t.co/1kph2cIyc1

  9. @TomthunkitsMind @dunnclan @POTUS If true, please provide a link to the original source for this claim. I can’t fin… https://t.co/DTpigPKdtA

  10. @mlcalderone @DavidChalian Oh, please. Has anyone with an IQ > room temperature believed anything she has said for months?

  11. @kanyewest No. You’re being fact checked with claims that are unsupported by evidence. There’s a big difference.

  12. @morningmika Fine. We’re over it, like Trump’s insane rants at his rally https://t.co/uhKjE67QlM

  13. @marklevinshow https://t.co/wrm0LPVXqi

  14. @foxandfriends @Jim_Jordan Total BS. There was no classified information and you know it. If not, you’re dumb… https://t.co/vhRFk9gBLc

  15. @Cubs @chrislhayes @kschwarb12 Representing IU well. Again!