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  1. https://iuhoosiers.com/news/2019/11/5/football-penix-jr-to-miss-remainder-of-2019-season.aspx This really sucks... Glad we have Ramsey, but this worries me a lot about Penix' durability.
  2. jmsgws

    User name

    Way back in 1989 my wife and I bought our first computer with a modem. I had to create a user ID to log into the campus main frame. I used my wifes intitials and mine. JMSGWS Then I added the letters GOIU so the first user name I ever created was JMSGWSGOIU I would have used that for here as well, but I kept getting error messages when I tried to create my account until I shortened it. :)
  3. jmsgws

    Woodworking Thread

    It depends on what you are looking for. If you want cheap stuff go to Michael's or whatever craft hobby store is in your area. When my son was in cub scouts this where we got the stuff for the scouts to make their own clocks. I bought some nicer stuff from a website called time savers . It has been a couple of years, but I think they are still in business.
  4. They probably got it from here. Someone here said it during the game. :)
  5. 3:30 now. I don't know if I should go back to bed, or stay up to start the day!
  6. 7-2 I am only in my mid 50's but honestly, part of me wasn't sure I would live to see another winning season with IU football!
  7. I know Northwestern's offense is a hot mess, but outside of the stupid plays, but defense has also been pretty impressive tonight. And here is Tuttle!
  8. I really like watching Scott run. He isn't the fastest, nor the biggest, but he runs hard every time!
  9. No way they over turn that call.
  10. We just are not a smart football team. I don't care that we have a winning record. There was zero reason for that last penalty.
  11. From what I have seen of the 2nd half, the answer will be yes....
  12. I know this season has been kind of special for IU, but it is still kind of sad watching the last 30 second spot about how bad IU football is historicallyl :(
  13. I just got a snap chat from my son. He told me that there are almost ZERO students in the stands for the 2nd half.
  14. This sounds so strange, but I couldn't sleep, so I decided to get up and watch the 2nd half live. It is 2:00 AM here. :) Did Ramsey start or Penix?
  15. I have to say, I was really worried with the Huskers moving down the field. I still think our Defense is pretty bad, but this year they seem to figure out how to get a stop when they really really need one.
  16. So if IU wins two more is Allen the BiG Coach of the year? Or it will go to the guy at OSU?
  17. I can't believe back to back road wins.
  18. Well based on the responses, I must be watching the game about 30 seconds later than everyone else. :)
  19. I see a flag so what penalty did IU commit this time?
  20. Well the good news is that we will get the ball back with about 5 minutes on the clock.
  21. Need a 10 minute drive here!
  22. You are not the only one!
  23. I would agree with you, but with a two score lead, our offense will now go to ****, and we will have three and out after three and out. We have to keep the hammer down.