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  1. Dorsey signs his GA deal. I think Dorsey has a lot to offer in 1v1 scenarios, but his final ball needs some work. He'll get paid to figure it out next year at least. Bringing Rennicks and Muse back would be massive. Don't bank on seeing either one at Armstrong next year, but you never know.
  2. Yeah, KP admits early in the season his rankings are a bit meh. He uses data from last year through ~10 games and does some projecting with freshmen.
  3. I have 0 dog in this fight, but you left out a whole lot of context here. Patterson was at Syracuse for two years. He never averaged more than 2 points or 15 minutes. He shot 17% from 3 as a sophomore. He transferred to IUPUI where he did slightly better, but was never anything more than a role player. Gelon ended up at a place called State Fair Community College. He wasn't Matt Roth or Ziesloft and he wasn't ever going to be.
  4. Meh, who really cares. Being just outside the Top 25 is probably better at this point. This team is young and has a lot of questions to answer. Talented and a ton of potential, but games are won on the court.
  5. KB0

    #IUMS - Exhibition

    Buckmaster started the second half.
  6. KB0

    #IUMS - Exhibition

    No Rennicks or Thomas. Wonder if they're both nursing minor injuries.
  7. Every time IU Football season rolls around..
  8. KB0


    I'd be surprised. They can pretty much pick anyone they want.
  9. Serious question - How many people complaining about not having a football only facility have actually been in the NEZ? Weight rooms, Hoosier Room, etc? I spent a good deal of time in there before I graduated and by no means is it a recruiting disadvantage. Schools have come in to tour the facility and model their own facilities based on what IU has to offer.
  10. KB0

    IU Baseball

    Maybe you're right. Time will certainly tell at Mississippi State. Hope he does well. Cannot overstate how important this hire is for IU, though. The foundation's been built. Hopefully we find the right man to steer the ship.
  11. KB0

    IU Baseball

    My biggest issue is that it seems everyone just assumes the baseball team will continue to win at the level they have been recently. It's possible they do, but it is certainly not guaranteed. These last 6 years have been the best in school history and should not be dismissed lightly. Lemonis never hit the ceiling everyone wanted, but his teams had a pretty high floor.
  12. KB0

    IU Baseball

    I think some of you are being a little harsh on Lemonis. Obviously there was a drop-off after Smith left. Those were the two best years in Indiana Baseball history. There was going to be a drop-off. Lemonis got IU to the tournament three out of the four years he was here. That's a good return for a Big Ten school. I'm not saying Lemonis is a great coach, but he's not chopped liver either. There's no guarantee IU baseball will continue to be this successful moving forward.
  13. KB0

    IU Track and Field

    Receveur is an all-time great. Will go down as one of the best runners in IU history. Same with Kuhn and possibly Veatch as well. Track/XC teams have a lot of talent right now.
  14. Downtown NA has a lot of great spots now. They've done a nice job of revitalizing the town.
  15. KB0

    Former Players/Crean

    Look up what Crean did to Matt Roth. Jurkin also had some interesting comments about him in his profile in the Athletic.
  16. KB0

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Meh, doesn't seem like a big deal to me. The weight room is massive and still pretty new, so I would advocate that the other programs leverage it. Quite a few schools have come in to tour the facility and modeled their own weight rooms after it.
  17. KB0

    Villanova Redshirts/Recruiting

    Two were forced to sit out (academics, transfer) and three had to sit out a year due to injury.
  18. I'm not going to get involved in the whole conspiracy theory, but you did bring up an interesting point. Has anyone else noticed how few 1 and Done players UNC has? Tony Bradley last year, but I think there was a ten year gap before him. They were still landing elite talent, they just never had good enough freshmen seasons to declare. Seems odd that a school of UNC's caliber, that recruits at a high-level, doesn't produce more early entrants.
  19. FWIW, that Coaching Changes twitter account isn't worth much. They throw a lot of crap at the wall to see what sticks.
  20. KB0

    Post Season Thoughts Thread

    Before the season started, I thought this team would finish with 18-19 wins. They only ended up with 16, but lost DeRon to injury and CuJo to a transfer mid-season. The team definitely improved from the first game to the last. It wasn't always a steady upward trajectory, but it very rarely is. Juwan was brilliant this year. He seemed to really thrive in Archie's system. I definitely expect him to test the waters. He's not an NBA player, but if he wants to declare, that's perfectly fine. Sometimes players just want to get paid and it doesn't matter where they go. I expect him to return, but won't knock him if he doesn't. I'll be sad to see RoJo go. He had his ups and downs, but he ended up with some really nice career numbers. He's well spoken and exactly what you should want a Hoosier to be. Smith and Green have a ton of potential and I expect to see them both make a jump next season. Durham showed a few flashes and I think he'll be a solid player by his junior year. Assuming the roster stays pretty similar to what it is now, I expect around 20-22 wins next year. There won't be the losses to teams like ISU or IPFW and I expect the team will be able to snag a few of the close ones against the top tier teams. Another off-season with Archie will help the continuity. Getting some of his own recruits in. I think next year's team could be a really fun one to watch.
  21. Yes, but it is not like they have the records of every single agent either. Yahoo said it read through hundreds of pages of documents and that is all they had to release. I'm sure there is more to come - and maybe my expectations were a little high - but this doesn't seem like much to me. MSU, USC, and Kentucky come off the worst here. Interesting to see media darlings Virginia and Villanova mentioned though. Honest question, do they have any other agency other than ASM?
  22. If that is the totality of everything they have found.....then it's not much. I assume there are documents that Yahoo doesn't have access too with more damning information. For the most part, it looks like it will all be falling on the players. Only coaches mentioned are "Villanova coaches" and Izzo.
  23. I don't know how anyone can say the balcony at Banker's Life is a worse seat than the balcony at AH. The AH balcony seats, are truly horrid. There isn't really a bad seat at Banker's Life and I've sat in the last row before.
  24. KB0

    New US Soccer President?

    Jerry Yeagley. Here's a nice article from Grant Wahl on the subject. Seems Kathy Carter is the current front-runner.
  25. KB0

    IU at Rutgers Game Thread

    Which, honestly, would likely be a good thing for Phinisee. At least, to start the season.