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What We Learned: Chicago State

An impressive showing from the tip by the Indiana Hoosiers leads to a big winning margin against Chicago State, 100-72. A very good showing from Jeremy Hollowell, scoring a team high 16 points and Devin Davis Jr. proving 10 points off the bench.
On Friday night we learned just how deep this Indiana roster goes. Which has to have all of Hoosier Nation smiling from ear to ear. Scoring 100 points total with 39 of those coming from the bench. Devin Davis and Evan Gordon set the pace with 10 and 8 respectively. That is one feature this team has over last years team. And that will play critical come tourney time in March.

Another key feature; EXPLOSIVENESS! My goodness does this team have an explosive trait that we haven't seen from an IU team in quite some time. This team likes to run and play above the rim. And I know it was just Chicago State but the Hoosiers did fill in the scoreboard. This could be a good thing for the young guns on this team. Seeing shots go in early and often will be helpful over these first few games to get some confidence built before IU starts playing some more formidable opponents.

The only negative from this game was IU's perimeter shooting. The Hoosiers shot 1-8 (12.5%) from deep which could be concerning if teams implement some zone defense or teams that have a very good inside presence. Hoosier fans have been used to some sharp shooters over the last 4 seasons. Probably won't get to see much of that this year. We've seen Yogi, Troy, and Hollowell hit some outside shots. Thie big question will be how effectively can the Hoosiers shoot the long ball this year. That will have an impact on the outcome of some games in the Big Ten this year.

All in all the Hoosiers put on a good performance Friday night. Big thing for this young team will be taking this season one game at a time and trying to improve in each one.

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The only negative? Did we watch the same game? It was sloppy. To many turnovers to a much inferior team. I'm excited for this young team and yes a good win starting out the gate, but we have a lot of work to do.

 Yes, I agree with Guest-Mark...too many turnovers, 19 to be specific. Those numbers killed us in a few games last season.

Outside shooting - If "attacking the rim" was the original game plan and was working so well, why change it to outside shooting?


Turnovers/sloppy play - Naturally, TC will work hard on improving these areas, but with the new bunch combined with numerous substitutions and multiple different combinations of the five on the floor, it is understandable.


Could it be I'm one of those "glass half full" people?


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