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9 hours ago, Hovadipo said:

Excited to get this TCU Gonzaga game over and be done with March Madness commercials for a few days. 

Dude seriously.

I need a few days detox from all the commercials consumed the past 4 days.

In theory, YTTV and their new split screen feature sounds amazing, but the reality is you're always guaranteed to be watching commercials on at least 2 channels at once when you have it on screen.

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Sweet 16 to NCAA Picks

South: Alabama over Creighton. I'll be stunned if Alabama doesn't make the final four in this region. I don't see anyone stopping them. 

Midwest: Houston over Texas. Should be some really good games in this region. I think Houston had their scare against Northern Kentucky and Auburn in the first half. That'll wake them up. 

West: UConn over Gonzaga. Gonzaga-UCLA will be a shootout. I just think the injury situation hurts UCLA. UConn is pretty deep and I like them a lot. 

East: Michigan State over Tennessee. I think winner of Michigan State-Kansas State goes to the Final 4. I don't see Tennessee beating either one without Zeigler. 

Final Four:

Alabama over Michigan State. Sparty won't have the dudes to matchup with Alabama. 

Houston over UConn. Would be a great, great game. Houston is a little more athletic. 


Houston over Alabama. Experience wins. 


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1 hour ago, iubb said:




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I really enjoy listening to Harlan and Bonner and hate listening to their #1 Nantz led team.  Really miss Webber and the old guy Vern something.

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