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Class of '66 Old Fart

IUBB vs Ohio State - Saturday, 1/28/23 @ 8:00 on Fox

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3 minutes ago, coonhounds said:

Is it normal for a head coach to admit his staff didn't want him putting a kid in the game? Seems odd and something maybe to just keep to yourself lol

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Agreed.  Not sure why you would plant a seed in the kids head that the rest of the staff doesn’t trust him in a game. 

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5 hours ago, Barrel Rick said:

hey ya'll,


Rickminton checkin' in..


looks like it's the Buckeyes tonight.

every time they come to Bloomington, it reminds me of the night I accidentally got 37 buckeye candies stuck in my anus.

it was 1980, and Mark Cuban stuffed em' in there during at a Sigma Chi rush event.. don't ask; it brings horrendous reminiscence.


as for the Hoosiers tonight, Woodson told me at brunch this morning that we may see some light minutes from Xavier Johnson.

this would be absolutely treacherous for our team, as he is absolutely horrid at the game of basketball.


i have heard that Trayce may be on limited minutes due to taint strain, and Tamar may not play at all due to a non-Covid related STD.


i did catch Miller Kopp walking into the practice facility this morning, where he told me and i quote, "these Buckeyes some b*tches, best believe dat!"


opposite to usual Rickdiction, i have the Hoosiers taking this one in grand fashion tonight, 101-36..


Anthont Leal breaks the single-game scoring record with 72.


- Barrel Rick, 2023, sponsored by Hormel Chili, Belle Tire, White Castle, and Greenfield Power & Light

Milley K was riiiight.

Dey sum b!thches

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2 minutes ago, Stuhoo said:

She’s a sturrrrdy lass with “cankles”

I’m currently at Nick’s … if she walks in I’m her new bestie. 

Stu’s in town and he’s prepared to risk it all. Godspeed, soldier. 

Edit: was that your baritone in the video?

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