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Indiana Vs North Carolina Game Thread Wed 11/30/22 9:15pm(ish) ESPN (

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4 minutes ago, Class of '66 Old Fart said:

Josh, I know it's hard for you but try to keep up with the rest of us!!   :103:

 List on page 6 of this thread and it's a very good list of attendees.

I really just assumed you didn't do it old man.

Here's the list I compiled for the rest!

Commits and targets who will be at the game tonight from Josh









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North Carolina had a 16 point lead on Kansas last year in title game in first half. They have 4 starters back and just had a rude awakening last week. I think they rested on there accomplishment from last year. Before they lost two games last week I was very confident about Or chances. Now I believe they will be playing like a cornered angry dog. They have something to prove. Look at Michigan against Virginia last night I bet most thought Virginia would blow them out. North Carolina is capable of playing really good basketball I hope it’s not tonight. My guess a very close game .

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Sorry guys, I'm just not that worried about UNC "trying really hard". They stink this year and they stunk last year before their cinderella run. Hoosiers by a whole heap.
This is where I'm at. They had a magical run in the Tournament. There body of work in the regular season is where I think they are truly at.

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12 minutes ago, Class of '66 Old Fart said:

Start time officially moved to 9:25.  At 8:47, Duke - O$U still had 11:57 remaining and Duke with a 6 point lead.

I know it was posted earlier but it has gotten so old that the ESPN dumbasses schedule games 2 hours apart.  Will they ever fricking learn?

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