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IUBB vs Wyoming — Tuesday: NCAA rd of 68 - 9:10pm on TruTV

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3 minutes ago, Stuhoo said:

He’s too old and doesn’t know the college game

Feel like he’d respond to that with something cooler and smoother than anything I could ever come up with, but I’ll try…

Hoopin’s hoopin’. 

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Just now, brumdog45 said:

While the offense struggled:

In the second half IU shot 56% (15/27).

IU put up 16 more shots than Wyoming and only had 8 turnvoers.  IU pulled down 15 offensive reobunds.

Oh, yeah.......IU was called for 15 fouls...in the second half alone.  Wyoming had 17 all game.

That’s when Geronimo took over, those 7 straight points were key

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14 minutes ago, cbp4iu said:

I would also like to add… That Woodson should get a team like Wyoming on the schedule for the non-conference schedule next year.  

True story: When UNC-Asheville bailed on us, I actually advocated for a game against Wyoming earlier this season because they had a top 30 NET. Still can't believe we ended up playing them. 



LOL, just saw their NET ranking is now 50. We got the Quad 1 win over them, just 2 and a half months late. 

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23 minutes ago, HoosierFan1994 said:

So far Mike Woodson is 3-1 in his postseason career at IU. Small sample size but compare it to the previous 5 coaches...

Miller 3-4 (1-3 without the NIT)

Crean 10-14 (4-11 without the 3 Sweet 16 runs)

Dakich 0-2

Sampson 1-2

Davis 14-11 (9-10 without the magical 2002 run)


Woody's been here for less than a year and he already has more/tied postseason wins than 3 of the previous 5 coaches. 

 No need to rehash Crean’s numerous weaknesses but why diminish his record by showing what it was without the three sweet 16’s? For all of his “issues” his teams account for 3 of our 4 sweet 16’s in the last 25 years. I’ve never seen a post that showed Knights post season record with the 3 natty’s backed out.

PS. Archie sucked.

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2 minutes ago, IUc2016 said:

One poster said IU wouldn’t finish in the top half of the WCC

Better than a Wyoming board I've been on the last week.  I registered there, told them I was an IU fan.  Told them I really respected what they did this year as well as the MWC.  Gave them a breakdown of our players for good and bad.  Absolutely zero **** talking, not even an "I think it will be close, but IU will win'.  Nothing, just compliments for their program and an analysis of our players.

It stayed up all week and then the moderator scrubbed it after the game.

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