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2022 NCAA Tournament / Bracket Reveal

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Let’s keep this thread about the ncaa tournament games that are still going on not the ones that are over moving forward please
Illinois is making a run 
Lol oops I didn't even see what thread I was in I am sorry. Thought it was last night game. Illinois will win this game I believe.

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14 minutes ago, IUHoosierJoe said:

I stopped trying to please negative, snarky people a long time ago.  It’s a waste of time because they just find something else to ***** about, as they mistakenly believe it makes them look cool.

Interesting you didn't mention anything about the x in y days... It's not the first and won't be the last random games, time frames, and such people ignorantly use to try to prove a point.

Huh? This seems awfully flawed. I'd hope you wouldn't try to please anyone else but how you see things. Sometimes the most accurate and truthful statements are the least pleasing. My posts have zero to do with being cool. While you mentioned it, we do go into that "too cool for school" mood as a team and program often. It's part of the reason we get beat by less talented teams like Wiscy and purdoodoo often.

Will ND be tired after playing 4 games in 11 days?

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1 minute ago, Hovadipo said:

Illinois just has some dumb basketball players. Curbelo and Hawkins constantly make losing plays. 

Hawkins is on complete tilt. You have to sit him for a minute. 
It’s not like I watched Pitt much a couple of years back, but I’m guessing the maturity stuff Underwood is having to endure with Curbelo looks an awful lot like what Capel was going through with X. The difference is that Underwood will stay with Curbelo. That kid’s got stuff you can’t coach. 

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