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Indiana vs Undue Purversity, Thursday, 7:00 pm

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If you are a little younger than me that means you were around for the glorious ‘81-‘93 era while the current students have been around for the pathetic, emotionless, soul-sucking Archie era. They have a much different perspective than we do and should storm the court, if they want to, after beating the number 4 team in the nation which, by the way, they  had not defeated a single time since they have been in college.
Great win, celebrate and have fun !

Yep on campus for the chair throw, 87 championship, 92 FF team that should of won. Watched 81 team and always tried to play like IT. Still don’t think Bob would have let us rush the court but we were legitimately hoop snobs with hardware to prove it. These kids are running on hope so let em storm away

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8 minutes ago, HoosierHoopster said:

Yeah supposed to be a laugh emoji - just funny how the celebration causes a site to crash no harm intended my friend 

Thanks to Joe and HH for moving on.

Lots of great Hoosier fans on many sites. Everyone on all of them should be celebrating tonight. Period.

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26 minutes ago, 8bucks said:

Weren’t they sitting in stands all night yelling. That would cause a spread more than rushing the court but I suspect all will be well.

There had to be a kajillion Covid molecules running around..... like in every single BB arena around the US....

Not worried.... glad the fans and players enjoyed it. big win!

26 minutes ago, cbp4iu said:

We drink until the sun rises

breaking my own rules, and pouring a heavy #3

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