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Class of '66 Old Fart

IUWBB vs Nebraska - 01/13/22 @ 6:00 on BTN

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Hoosiers gut out a 72-65 win and the 5-0 start in conference play is a program first.  Give the game ball to Chloe Moore-McNeil for her 4th Q performance.

Berger 22p  7r  3a  2s

Cardano-Hillary  13p  6r  2a  3s

Patberg  10p  3r  4a  

Gulbe  17p  5r  1a  4s  2b 

Browne and Moore-McNeil combined to play 52 min; scored 10p; 9r; 2a; 4s. 

Women have to travel to West Laffy on Sunday.

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Just happened to catch a few minutes of the post-game presser on Facebook. I had never heard Cardano-Hillary speak. According to her bio, she grew up in Spain, lived there until she was 12 and Spanish is her first language. I didn't detect even the slightest trace of an accent. She sounds more American than many Americans. 

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14 hours ago, TheWatShot said:

Concerned about the Purdue game Sunday if Holmes can't go. 

Don't be. Purdue is improved, but still struggle against top competition like IU. You have to be careful because they are your rival, but Boilers play an entire rotation of guards except for one player so if there is any game you can afford to not have Holmes from a match-up standpoint this is it. Purdue is not close to as talented as the Huskers.

If you can beat the Nebraska without Holmes, you should definitely beat Purdue and Michigan State who are not as good. Iowa in 10 days is a different animal and IU very unlikely to get victory there without her back, as that is a tough game anyways, but next two rest Mac unless she is 100% and no excuse not to get victory either way.  

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