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General New Coach News

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1 minute ago, IamtheShapopo said:

I still think Beard sticks around for that Texas job when it opens...just my opinion...and I think there are better options...

Would Shaka Smart make the jump from Texas to IU? 

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Posted (edited)
9 minutes ago, Kentuckysucks said:

Doubt it.  I think we'd be like Minny with Tubby.  Beilein is ancient and would have major trouble recruiting imo.  From reading the posts on this site, Rivals, and Peegs he seems to be the one guy of the realistic hires that a lot of people would be irate over.  We just can't have more apathy.

Maybe I'll eventually learn to spell his name then. it's supposed to be: i before e except after C! not B and L!

On the bright side, he also has been to 2 championship games and his teams are fundamentally sound: low turn overs, crisp passes, good screens, etc.

My bigger concern with B-line, is that his successful teams do not resemble our current roster at all. My question is how quickly can he turn this around?

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11 minutes ago, tdhoosier said:

I've been lurking long enough waiting for HSN to get fixed. I just gotta say you guys are crazy (in a good way). 

I'm not subscribed to IndyStar. Does Doyle mean that we have 3 candidates and the third option won't say no? Or we call Stevens 3 times:
1st time: "$6 million" 
2nd time: "$8 million" 
3rd time: "We took your dog and are holding it hostage"

If the former, I'd guess that third option is B-line. No info, just a hunch because he's qualified and clearly wants to get back into coaching. We may be his easiest path to win that coveted NC. 

I probably shouldn't leak this but... you're really close on the plan for the 3rd time. The difference is that instead of the dog being held hostage, someone is going to kidnap him directly and shortly after Brad's mysterious disappearance from Boston, IU is going to announce the completely unknown Brian Smith as the new head coach. Brian will look a lot like Brad but with more facial hair, a large nose and glasses. 

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1 hour ago, FritzIam4IU said:

Nah. I would go with Mellencamp's Small Town...

No I cannot forget where it is that I come from
I cannot forget the people who love me
Yeah, I can be myself here in this small town
And people let me be just what I want to be

That one is taken by Larry.  This entire VHS was awesome:


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6 minutes ago, Chris007 said:

There may or may not be a leprechaun in this video. 

So the Simon's are helping (got our name on the building, need a winner in it) and they reached out to Larry Bird from their Pacers connections  and said, "Help us bring this Indiana boy home."

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