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National Basketball Transfer Portal

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17 hours ago, RaceToTheTop said:

I guess I'm not seeing it.  It's not like they are some Horizon league team anymore.....they are playing in the Big East, a major conference.  Eric Hunter was a 6 point scorer at Purdue.  Bates has missed two seasons now with shoulder injuries and he averaged 7 ppg over two seasons when he was healthy.  Ali Ali was a nice MAC player but outside of scoring doesn't really add anything else.  The kid from Georgia State was just an 8 and 6 kid in a low major conference.  

They brought in those four who IMO are decent but nothing Earth shattering -- particularly for a major conference -- and lost three of their four leading scorers to graduation or the portal.  They'll probably be better than last year but I don't see them as any kind of Big East threat.

Agree, that's why I said they could be a potential dark horse NCAA tourney team, e.g. bubble'y 10-12 seed type squad, not compete for the Big East championship - HUGE DIFFERENCE.  Furthermore, I think Coach Matta is a tremendous coach, and will be out to prove a lot of folks across the industry wrong - again nothing to back this up with. I just have a great deal of respect for the work that he accomplished throughout his tenure at Butler (Rd 1) and OSU.

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1 hour ago, LIHoosier said:

Didn't Mike Davis' kid announce he's staying? Damezi's getting no shots there either.

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Can he shoot yet?

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7 minutes ago, maharkn said:

Hasn't taken a shot in a college basketball game since December 2020. Was 2-2 in his time with loyola Chicago

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