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Prediction League (Game 10 - Penn St 12/30/20)

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Here we go again.  This is another trip game for the Hoosiers.  We should own Penn State every year but that is not the case.  For some reason we always have trouble topping PSU and I can't see this year being any different than the past.

IU has the better defense and that should make this a close one because we certainly don't have a dominate offense.  Jackson-Davis always manages to get his points, though he could have 10 more a game if he could learn to shoot the ball instead of throwing the ball at the basket and hoping for the best.  Franklin is starting to look like the real deal after three hot game in a row.  As to the rest of the Hoosier offense, your guess is as good as mine.  We need someone to start picking up the slack.

The crystal ball is a bit cloudy here but we NEED this game and we are at home.  I'll take the Hoosiers 71-67 in a dog fight.  I have my fingers crossed that we will finally find someone that has the ability to finish at the end.

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Replace my previous shot in the dark with this new madness. I can’t go that high. IU is having trouble reaching 60 lately. I’m going with the under. Way under.
Indiana 67
PSU 59
May god have mercy.

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