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Prediction League (Game 8 - Northwestern 12/23/20)

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Over the year Northwestern has always been a tough game for IU,  I don't know why that is.  Maybe we are over confident.  Maybe NW gets up for the game.  Maybe it is the style of play.  Whatever, we are always ripe for an upset by NW.

Northwestern should not be considered a pushover.  They have three wins over major power puffs, a one point loss to Pitt, and a 14 point win over Michigan State.  Nw is shooting 43.5% from 3-point range.

I'm concerned about IUs free throw shooting again.  Our percentages over our last three games have been 52-43-50.  Since we get fouled often that means that we are leaving a lot of points unclaimed.  We also are starting games slow.  Sooner of later that is going to catch up with us.

To win IU needs to guard the line and hit our free throws.  I know, that sounds like A BROKEN RECORD.

I'll stick close to the official line for this one.  IU 73  NW 65

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