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Prediction League (Game 3 - Texas 12/1/20)

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How does this work?

Each week I will create Prediction League threads for the weeks game(s).

It's a simple concept:

Each week you start with 100 points (only if a prediction is made, otherwise 0 points for the week)
+25 PTs if you guess the winner
-25 PTs if you pick the loser
+10 PTs if guess IU score correctly
+10 PTs if guess Opponent score correct
-The # of points different between the actual and predicted score of IU (over/under doesn't matter)
-The # of points different between the actual and predicted score of opponent (over/under doesn't matter)

*** Reminder if you post a prediction and want to change it, please just POST a NEW Prediction, do not edit a prior post as I may miss those edits.

The person with the most points (MINUS 2 LOWEST GAMES) at the end of the season wins.

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One more point and I woulda, coulda, shoulda nailed the IU score.  Hit those FTs boys!  On to Texas.

Texas almost stumbled against Davidson despite being a 10 point favorite.  IU was favored by 1 or 2 over Providence and won easily by 21.  It must be early in the season or something.  How does that translate to Texas-IU today?

Right now IUs weakness is depth on the front line.  We have Jackson-Davis, Thompson, Hunter, and Geronimo.  Hunter can't stop fouling and Geronimo looks nervous and green as grass at present.  Childress is in the wings.  We need 10-15 minutes from Brunk to settle down the situation but he is on IR.  We got by Providence because of a super effort from Thompson, while Jackson-Davis played soft.  That front line has me worried today.  The Texas guards like to slash to the basket, creating opportunities for our big men to foul.  Texas also does a good job of feeding the post, again putting pressure on out thin front line.  If we get in foul trouble under the basket, things could go south very quickly.  Out guards MUST stop the penetration of the Texas guards.

So much for my biggest fear.  OTOH Davidson was outmanned by Texas and still fought down to the wire, while only giving up 78 points.  The Texas defense gave up 76.  I think our offense can do just fine today but the game will be decided by our ability to play defense.  Are we better than Davidson defensively?  Yes.  Are we better than Davidson offensively?  Yes.  Can we expect a 21 point IU blowout?  No, but I think we will win.  

I'll take the Hoosiers over the Longhorns 80-73 

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