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Prediction League (Game 1 - Tennessee Tech 11/25/20)

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8 hours ago, Barrell Rick said:

Hey ya'll..

It's been quite a minute..

In my absence, I've completely beaten my inflammatory bowel syndrome, and my anus has never felt less burn. 

As for the game on Wednesday, you know how the Barrel leans.. not a snow day in hell's chance we come out with a check mark in the win column. 

According to my studies; Tennessee Tech is among the toughest opponents we've seen over the last decade. From what my pie chart shows, it seems that 7'0 big man Maurice Creek is coming off of an 82 point performance in their scrimmage against Tallahassee Southern Methodist A&M this past week.. the kid's an absolute f***ing assassin.

As for my scoring prediction; Tech takes it 108 - 7. 

And as for the Barrel?

It feels damn good to be back..

See ya'll this week.


- Barrel Rick, 2020


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First game of the year and your guess is as good as mine.  Worried a bit that we have too many bodies and that is never a good thing if you want to be great.  If everybody is good enough than nobody stands out, and if you want to win it all you need studs.  That said I make this one 93-63 IU over the other guys

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