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Brass Cannon

Taking a guess at our Single Plays for 20-21

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So with Purdue a protected rivalry all teams(12) have come up as a single play so far.  It would make sense to repeat the first year teams but switch home versus away. And same with year 2 in year 4.

That way every 4 years teams play a total of 6 times at least with 3 home and 3 away. 

19-20 - Home: Northwestern, Michigan State, Iowa

19-20 - Away: Rutgers, Michigan, Illinois

18-19 - Home: Nebraska, Ohio State, Wisconsin

18-19 - Away: Penn State, Minnesota, Maryland


So my guess for our single plays next year are 

Home: Penn State, Minnesota, Maryland 

Away: Nebraska, Ohio State, Wisconsin

Series with: Illinois, Northwestern, Purdue, Iowa, Michigan State, Rutgers, Michigan 

Looks to be a tough schedule. Especially if Garza and Langford both come back. We play the 3 favorites for the conference 5 times with the 5th being a road game. 

Illinois(kofi is wildcard), Purdue, Northwestern and Michigan could all be programs struggling a bit. So series against them could be useful. 

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Looks well thought out. Hopefully we can finally beat Purdue and Michigan. Michigan State will be an interesting team if Tillman returns. Watts, Langford and Henry will make for a very good 1-3 to go along with Tillman and Bingham and they have arguably the best starting 5 in the B1G. I’m not sold on Iowa. Personally I think we are a better team. Outside of Michigan State and Wisconsin, I see no reason we aren’t the 3rd best team. This schedule though might make it tough to finish 3rd though.

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