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IU Rutgers Baseball: BIG TEN CHAMPIONS

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Glad we made that easy tonight. HR's returned with 4 right into the jet stream with wind blowing out. A Big Ten title can now very much be smelled and we can clinch a share with one more win by Nebraska tonight and clinch outright tomorrow. What happened tonight is a great sign jumping on the Rutgers lefty Murray who no one has gotten to since very early in the year. This is the type of guy we have struggled with all year. 

Tomorrow we have Saalfrank going and they have a righty with few strikeouts and like Rutkowski on Friday has great numbers right up until he sees a good team which we are. Let's win this thing outright tomorrow and easily like tonight.


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2 hours ago, Brass Cannon said:

9-5 now. Looks like we have no choice but to win tomorrow 

Yup. Got to beat a righty with few strikeouts who has been great except against good teams, against our best pitcher lately. If you can't accomplish that you don't deserve a Big Ten title.

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2 minutes ago, MemphisHoosier said:

Appears their only cancelled game was an OOC game vs. UC Irvine, see below.  I am not sure why they have a scheduling discrepancy?


Their midweek games with MSU do not count as Big Ten games. They have one of their weekend games with MSU canceled. https://mgoblue.com/schedule.aspx?path=baseball

Sun March 31st was canceled. 

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