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Class of '66 Old Fart

IUMS at Rutgers - Friday - 10/19

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Scheduled start 7:00 ET.  IU (12-2) (5-0) travels to New Jersey to face Rutgers (4-9-1) (2-4) and on paper it ought to be a fairly easy win for IU, but anything can happen.  In its 14 games, Rutgers has only scored 21 goals and given up 34.


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12 minutes ago, Brass Cannon said:

A win against the buckeyes guarantees us a share of the title. Or if MSU can’t beat Northwestern we would win it outright 

And MSU and NW are in 2nd OT.

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Updated 2nd OT

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Well tonight nearly turned into a disaster but ended up being extremely profitable. Was at friends house watching a movie and had game pulled up on phone and watched most of it but had no way to post and had half my brain on the movie (who says we can’t multi task).

Anyways attack was inexcusable. Rutgers in no way shape or form parked any buses and we just missed for no reason. Their goalie bailed them out so many times tonight but we also just misfired on several shots where we had entire back line AND goalie beat. Attack looked very 2016ish with great build up but no finish. Hopefully thats a fluke or we could be in trouble.

D was good and constently double teaming Rutgers’ forward and only scoring threat. We shut down every counter before it hit our goal box and Rutgers did not have a good look or come close to scoring all night. All their shots were prayers from way out.

Overall should of been an easy 3 or 4 to 0 win but got the result we needed and with NW managing to tie MSU we all but clinched the Big Ten title and can make it official by beating a terrible OSU team next week in the Maisonouve bowl. Bring the same D and make sure to finish your point blank attempts this time and we should easily be popping champaign after the game to celebrate. 

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