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Pick 3. Be greedy or whatever you think would best fit.

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We are projected to lose 3

1. Romeo 

2. Juwan 

3. Fitzner


probably 4 with a transfer or whatever but for the sake of this exercise let’s play with our returning roster and losing the 3 above.


choose from


1. DJ Carton

2. Tyrell Terry

3. Brandon Newman

4. Arman Franklin

5. Jahmius Ramsey

6. Keion Brooks

7. Trendon Watford

8. Zeke Nnaji

9. Isaiah Stewart

10. Trace Jackson Davis

11. Aiden Igiehon

12. Matthew Hurt

13.  Kofi Cockburn

14. Kira Lewis


I left Cole Anthony and Jalen Lecque off the list as it seems interest isn’t fully mutual.  Maybe true with Igiehon and Cockburn too.  

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1. TJD - great in state player, would rep the brand well 

2 Stewart - love his size and athleticism 

3 Carton / Lewis - great competitors, athletic, would be fun to watch. 

Can you imagine a lineup of:

1) Carton / Phinisee / Al

2) Greene / Damezi 

3) Smith /Hunter

4) TJD / Race / Moore 

5) Stewart / Davis / Forrester 

has potential to be the deepest team in the nation 

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There are a couple of ways I could go here and still be over the moon happy.  


1. Romeo's spot.  (Option 1A. Brooks  2A. Carton 3A. Lewis)

2. Juwan's spot (Option 1A. Watford   2A. TJD  3A. Brooks)

3. Fitzner's spot (Option 1A. Hurt  2A. TJD  3A. Stewart  4A. Nnaji)


So if I had to take 3 and only 3, it would be Brooks, Watford, and Hurt.

Romeo's spot-  1.Brooks-He is super athletic, can slash/pass/shoot.  Can pretty much play/defend 1-4.  Triple threat and would fill in for Romeo better than any other recruit we are after.  I love Lewis and Carton both and would be thrilled to have either of them for this roster spot.  Carton and Phinisee on the court together would be small but would be dynamic.  It would work.


Juwan's spot-  1. Watford- He is rangy and long.  Can shoot on all 3 levels.  Not as consistent as i'd hope with shooting stats but I think with more time and practice he can be.  Defensively, his length is incredible.  The ties to Christian and IU are cool.  Can play the 3 or 4 and maybe even spot at the 5 in small ball lineup.  TJD fits here incredibly well.  I want him and think we are most likely to get him but he is my backup choice to fill Juwan's shoes.


Fitzner's spot- 1. Hurt-He is a phenom.  He is so skilled and versatile.  He has an extra inch or 2 over TJD.  Not the most athletic but his skill set would make him so versatile.  Great guy, good chemistry with race.  He'd be my number 1 choice.  Again, TJD is my back up for this spot.  TJD and Hurt can both play the 4 or the 5.  

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Carton - Because with he and Rob P running the point I'd feel very confident for an entire 40 minutes every game.

TJD - Fills a need and highly touted in-state recruit

Watford - His versatility will make him a matchup nightmare. Legacy player that is also a defacto Indiana kid

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Carton, TJD, Watford or Brooks (I would be happy with one or the other)

Carton - We've seen it enough over the last few years but guard play especially PG play goes a long way in the NCAA tourney. This kid looks like he could be at the helm for at least a couple years anchoring teams to the tourney.

TJD - A top in state big. Yes please. We have been missing this type of player for much of Crean's tenure. A big that is athletic and can run the floor.

Watford/Brooks - I would be happy with either. Either one gives us a solid, athletic wing for hopefully two years. 

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My first thought was Brooks, TJD, and Carton for the reasons others have mentioned.  Something I'd really like to avoid though, is a class of 2 or 3 players that would be likely one and done players - I don't feel that approach works so well and isn't the model I prefer.

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On ‎6‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 3:38 PM, RatpigHoosier said:




I'd go with this too. They seem like Archie type guys. Brooks is talented, but I just don't see him in an IU uniform.

I do think this creates a log-jam at PG, but hey, I'll take the blue-blood problems. :) 

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